Prof. dr. Adriaan Rijnsdorp

Area of interest
Prof Rijnsdorp is a fisheries scientist studying the population biology of exploited fish species and the
effects of fishing on the ecosystem and the dynamics of fishers. He combines a mechanistic approach
combining different biological disciplines such as eco-physiology, behavioural ecology, evolutionary
biology, and population dynamics.

Relevant research
He pioneered the study of fisheries induced evolution on maturation and reproductive investment.
Other research topics are the population biology of flatfish species, the ecology of reproduction, the
study of the behaviour of fishers. Recently his research focus shifted back to the effects of bottom

trawling on the benthic ecosystem.

Contact details
Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies (IMARES)
P.O. Box 68, 1970 AB Ijmuiden, The Netherlands
Aquaculture and Fisheries Group, Wageningen University