20th (Zebra)Fish Immunology/Vaccination Workshop, April 28 - May 2 2019

Welcome to the Fish Workshop hosted by the Cell Biology Group and the Aquaculture & Fisheries group at Wageningen University & Research. This website provides information and registration opportunities.


The Wageningen (zebra)fish immunology / vaccination workshops have been organised annually since 1998. Typically, the workshops are characterised by one-hour presentations given by experienced lecturers, taking time to thoroughly introduce each subject. The workshops have been adopted by the International Society for Fish and Shellfish Immunology (ISFSI).

This year’s (2019) subject is (ZEBRA)FISH IMMUNOLOGY/VACCINATION. Why? Because we celebrate our 20th anniversary with a special programme!

Differently form the previous years, the 20th workshops includes 4 full-day program. As always, the 20th - 2019 workshop includes two afternoons with a choice between hands-on practicals, or updates on recent molecular advances in transcriptome and genome analysis.

Participants are asked to send an abstract of their research plans or progress, and present a poster, with the best one awarded the poster prize.

This year we composed a special programme by bringing together specialists working with commercially important fish species and/or model species such as zebrafish. They will highlight important topics such as evolution of the immune system and/or recent developments in vaccination. To accommodate these presentations the programme is longer than usual. The official workshop language is English.


The objective of the present workshop is to provide participants with advanced knowledge, both theoretical and practical, on the immune system of fish. During the workshop we will discuss the latest insights in the evolution of the immune system and, in particular, immune modulation, host defence against pathogens and vaccination.



The level of the workshop is targeting academic and company researchers as well as management staff in the aquaculture industry.
We more than welcome PhD students, who have a reduced registration fee.