Preliminary Programme 2019

Sunday 28th April

Evening registration

Monday 29th April

Introduction to the (zebra)fish immune system

• All you need to know about fish cytokines (Steve Bird, Univ Waikato)
• Fish gills as immune organ (Geert Wiegertjes, WUR)
• Beta glucans as immune modulators (Jules Petit, WUR)
• Macrophage metabolism (Annelieke Wentzel, WUR)
• Introductions to fish T cells: a fish is not a human (Maria Forlenza, WUR)
• Anti-inflammatory cytokines: few but potent (Carla Piazzon, CSIC)
• Toll like receptors: zebrafish TLR5, two is better than one (Carlos Voogdt, Univ Utrecht)
• Neutrophils of zebrafish (Phil Elks, Univ Sheffield)

Evening poster session (i)

Tuesday 30th April

Zebrafish as model for immunity

• Mucosal immunity in zebrafish: cross-talk between host and microbes (Sylvia Brugman, WUR)
• Macrophage defense mechanisms against intracellular pathogens (Annemarie Meijer, Univ Leiden)
• Trypanosome infections under the zebrafish magnification glass (Sem Jacobs, WUR)

Practicals in the afternoon
• Cellular assays in innate immunity (technical staff CBI) or
• PC-based practicals on synteny searches in fish genomes (Steve Bird)

Evening poster session (ii)

Wednesday 1st May

Acquiring immunity

• Evolution of the MHC (Louis du Pasquier)
• B cells and their repertoires (Pierre Boudinot, INRA)
• Mechanisms of cell-mediated cytotoxicity in teleosts (Uwe Fischer, FLI)

Practicals in the afternoon
• Humoral responses (technical staff CBI) or
• PC-based practicals on transcriptome information (Sam Martin, SFIRC, Univ Aberdeen)

Evening lecture: A personal view on our common history (Willem van Muiswinkel)

Thursday 2nd May


• Learning from the past, looking ahead (Chris Secombes, SFIRC, Univ Aberdeen)
• Vaccination against cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (Alain Vanderplasschen, Univ Liege)
• Nanovaccine vehicle uptake at mucosal surfaces (Julien Resseguier, CNRS)
• Gut health and microbiota (Sam Martin, SFIRC, Univ Aberdeen)
• DNA vaccination against VHSV (Niels Lorenzen, DTU)
• Successes and challenges of DNA vaccination against SVCV (Maria Forlenza, WUR)
• Workshop closure

Final workshop dinner