Tran Huu Tinh, Sandwich Ph.D Student (Vietnam)

Area of interest

Tinh is interested in microbes (bacteria and microalgae), and their various roles in aquatic environment. He hopes to use microbial organisms to improve aquaculture system efficiency and sustainability.

Relevant research

Tinh is doing a PhD research on the interactions between bacteria and algae in shrimp pond. This research is one part of “nutritious pond project”, aiming to gain more insight into microbial processes in the aquaculture system, and improve biofloc technology concept.

Previously, Tinh finished his bachelor in aquaculture engineering in Vietnam, and master in microbiology in Thailand, working on bacterial diseases in seabass and white leg shrimp, and antibiotic susceptibility and natural compounds for disease treatments.

Contact info
Aquaculture and Fisheries Group
PO Box 338

6700 AH Wageningen, The Netherlands