dr. ir. Marc Verdegem

Area of interest
Marc is specialized in ‘aquaculture systems management’ and his research focuses on (1) closed (zeroeffluent)
aquaculture systems, looking in depth at feeding ecology and microbial processes and (2)
open integrated multitrophic aquaculture systems, elucidating nutrient cycles. Present research deals
with recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) resilience for Pangasius culture in Vietnam and Nile tilapia
in Malaysia, microbial ecology of RAS, shrimp pond culture in Indonesia and mussel culture in the
Dutch North sea. Marc is also study coordinator of the MSc course ‘Aquaculture and Fisheries’ of
Wageningen University and Editor of the journal Aquaculture Research.

Relevant research
Past research in the group concentrated on fish pond ecology. Current and future research are
focusing on feed-fish-system relations. The goal is to grow aquaculture animals under constant and
good water quality conditions. In RAS focus is put on the cycle “nutrient (feed) input  fish  waste”.
Interactions in the cycle are assessed focusing on: (1) waste decomposition and water quality
maintenance; (2) increasing nutrient retention in fish; (3) reducing waste discharge; (4) resilience of
microbial communities in fish and water. In open multitrophic aquaculture systems focus is put on
nutrient flows starting with “feed input  fish  plankton, macroalgae, detrivores or molluscs”. The

goal is to increase nutrient retention in harvested biomass.

Contact info
Wageningen University, Aquaculture and Fisheries Group (AFI)
De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen, The Netherlands