Bas Rodenburg

Curriculum Vitae

Dr T. Bas Rodenburg is Associate Professor at Wageningen University in The Netherlands, linked to both the Behavioural Ecology Group and the Adaptation Physiology Group. He coordinates research and teaching on farm animal behaviour and welfare. His own research focuses on poultry
behaviour and welfare, with a focus on laying hen research. He obtained his PhD on feather pecking in laying hens in Wageningen in 2003 and continues to work on this topic. His current research focuses on the effects of the early-life environment on behavioural development of laying hens. He is also developing methodology for automatic measurement of social behaviour. He is Junior Vice President of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) and member of the Editorial Boards of the journals Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Animal Welfare, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, and Poultry Science. Bas is currently chair of the EU COST Action GroupHouseNet (2016-2020;, focusing on solutions for tail biting in pigs and feather pecking in laying hens. He is also working group leader in the EU COST Action KeelBoneDamage (2016-2020;, aiming to find solutions for the problem of keel bone fractures in laying hens. He is co-organiser of the WAFL congress in Wageningen in 2017.

Research interests

  • Social behaviour
  • Maladaptive behaviour
  • Poultry welfare
  • Social Networks
  • Animal Personality
  • Behavioural Development
  • Maternal effects
  • Behaviour genetics
  • Early-life conditions
  • Automatic tracking
    • Precision phenotyping

    Current project overview

    Post doc project Elske de Haas – PhenoLab: automatic
    recording of location, activity and proximity in group-housed in laying hens

    PhD project Jerine van der Eijk – Feather pecking and gut
    microbiota in laying hens

    PhD project Anne van den Oever – Nesting behaviour in
    broiler breeders

    Guest researcher Peiyun Li – Using vocalisations to assess
    laying hen welfare

    PhD project Lisanne Stadig – Behaviour of free range
    broilers kept in willow plantations (ILVO, Belgium)

    PhD project Margrethe Brantsaeter – Feather pecking and
    fearfulness in laying hens (NMBU, Norway)

    Visiting post doc Katarina Pichova – How does cognitive bias
    in laying hens combine with their activity patterns? (STSM COST Action
    GroupHouseNet, WIAS Research Fellowship)

    Visiting post doc Janja Sirovnik – Effects of light during
    incubation on keel bone development and keel bone fractures in laying hens
    (STSM Cost Action KeelBoneDamage)

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