Bonne Beerda

Bonne Beerda received his MSc in Animal Sciences (Wageningen University) in 1993 and went on to do his PhD on behaviour and stress physiology in dogs (1993-1996, Utrecht University). In 1997, combining  research on dog behaviour with obtaining a degree in software engineering (Arnhem Business School / Nijmegen University, 1998), he started working for the contract research organization (CRO) of the Animal Sciences Groups (Lelystad), in general addressing issues related to animal health, welfare and genomics. Scientific and organizational contributions were made to large scale EU projects Welfare Quality® and Sustainable Animal BREeding. From 2003, CRO tasks were combined with lecturing and supervising thesis students in Animal Sciences (MAS Animal Health and Behaviour specialization, BHE, ADP) and Biology (MBI), and from 2007 the coordination of education in animal behaviour, lecturing and research at Wageningen University are done full-time.