Participants activities

All participants will be asked to send an abstract of their research. Please wait to receive further information before forwarding your description.

You will also be given the opportunity to bring a poster and we strongly encourage each participant to do so!

This will increase the information exchange among young researchers in an informal setting while having a nice drink. Each participant will have strictly 5 min to present his/her poster and additional 5 min to answer to questions.

The best poster, based on layout and presentation, will be awarded the poster prize!  

Two additional poster prizes will be given: the best 'new comer', for example a starting PhD who was able to present future plans or preliminary results; and the most 'eye catching' poster, mainly based on the layout.

Please submit your 'participant activity' by e-mail:


Example 'participant activity' 1: Johan Johansson

At the R&D department of company X we develop veterinary vaccines, mainly for poultry and fish and mainly viral. My job is to manage a group consisting of technicians working on vaccine development. Furthermore, I am project manager of a number of in house vaccine development projects and supervise projects at other institutes. The headquarters of my company is located in Wageningen, The Netherlands. We focus on the EU and some emerging markets in the East. A project starts with an idea from marketing or R&D. Subsequently, a project plan is made and the marketing department projects expectations for the new product in the future. A calculation is made in which the success rate and project costs are weighed, the outcome giving the project a priority score. A project is completed when a registration dossier has been made for the new product and the product has been registered in the relevant countries.

Example 'participant activity' 2: Kristen Kristensen

I am a Danish citizen and graduated as Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Applied Fisheries in Denmark. At present I am a Ph.D. student at the Department of Fish Biology at the Veterinary Institute in Oslo, Norway. The National Veterinary Institute is a governmental institution that performs research and diagnostics in the veterinary field.

My main research activities concern the humoral immune response of a certain fish species. As the available species-specific reagents are scarce and the knowledge on this particular fish species is limited my research so far remained basic.