Fish Workshop winner of the education prize at the WIAS Science Day 2018

Published on
February 8, 2018

On Monday 5th of February the WIAS Science Day 2018 was organised. The theme of the seminar was “WIASS: Work on your Impact in Animal Sciences and Society”. The Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences (WIAS) Science Day was a great success, counting over 130 registrations and 44 contributions from PhD-candidates.

Winner Education prize

The education prize was awarded during the WIAS science day. The education prize is not awarded automatically every year but is awarded when an extraordinary educational achievement was delivered. Several courses with excellent evaluations qualify for the education prize. This year the WIAS Education Committee decided to award an activity that will be organized this year for the 19th time: the Wageningen fish immunology / vaccination workshop. This workshop, which has been organised 18 consecutively times by Prof. Geert Wiegertjes and Dr. Maria Forlenza from the Cell Biology and Immunology group has been organized since 1998 already and provides participants with advanced knowledge on theoretical and practical knowledge on the immune system of fish. The workshop attracts a large number of international participants each year, of which a considerable number of PhD students and is highly appreciated. We congratulate the organizing team with their prize and look forward to future editions of the course.