Annelieke Wentzel receives Overall Thesis Award 2014-2015

Published on
March 11, 2016

Annelieke Wentzel received the Overall Thesis Award for her MSc thesis ‘Koi herpesvirus IL10: Bioactivity and signalling pathway’, which the jury qualified as excellent. The award ceremony was held at the Dies Natalis on March 9th.

Annelieke wrote her prize-winning thesis under the supervision of Mary Forlenza, Carla Piazzon and Professor Geert Wiegertjes for the Cell Biology and Immunology Group. According to the jury, the methods that Annelieke used and the results of her research were very innovative, where the findings are very helpful in designing new immunological strategies including new vaccines to protect Koi carp against KHV. Annelieke is currently PhD at Cell Biology and Immunology Group.


The University Fund Wageningen received 21 nominations in total. In the morning there was a ceremony were the winners of the four education domains received their prize and the overall winner was revealed during the symposium at the Dies Natalis. The prize winner of each domain receives €500 per thesis, a bronze sculpture of the ‘Wageningen Tree’ by Sjoerd Buisman, a certificate and a jury report. The overall prize winner receives €1,000 instead of €500. The Thesis Awards are granted by KLV.

In forming their judgement, the jury paid particular attention to technical/scientific quality, written presentation, applicability in practice and the quality of the research in the academic field in question.

For more information about the prize and the other winners see the website.

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