Marine Animal Ecology establishes two new marine labs (at Carus)

Published on
April 11, 2022

Currently, MAE uses two coral aquaculture labs at Wageningen Campus, located in Radix and at Carus Animal Research Facility to better understand adaptation of marine animals to climate related change and provides knowledge to support marine biodiversity conservation. These labs are, however, insufficient to facilitates MAE’s ambitious goals for the near future. Therefore, MAE will soon establish two new labs at Carus dedicated to tropical and temperate marine work. The tropical lab, with Caribbean species, focuses on the epigenetic and physiological effects of climate change, whereas the North Sea lab will be used for environmental research on colder water bivalves, barnacles and shark eggs. Also research related to the Next Level Animal Sciences (NLAS) innovation program of the animal sciences group will be conducted in these labs, making use of state-of-the-art microsensors to unravel the complex physiology and energy use of among others shell fish and corals.