Honours Cards

Honours Cards are an element of the BSc Honours Program. It provides you the opportunity to increase your knowledge by doing challenging assignments outside the scope for your educational program.

If you want to use a honours card, you are more than welcome at EZO.

Possibilities at EZO

Maybe you followed an EZO course, and noticed you are particularly interested in a certain topic. Or maybe you are excited to learn more about biomechanics, bio-inspired design, evolution or animal development, the research expertises of our group. If you are not sure whether your interest matches with our research topics, please check out our current student research topics HERE.

If you consider using one of your honours cards at EZO please send the following information to

- what topic particularly draws your attention, and why
- what kind of activity you want to dedicate your time to (e.g. analyse, evaluate, create)
- which skills you hope to improve or learn
- what kind of end product you want to deliver (e.g. report, movie, educational element)
- how many cards you want to use (2 or 4 ECTS)