Contact the Marine Animal Ecology group

Contact the Marine Animal Ecology group

The Marine Animal Ecology group is located at the Wageningen Campus.


Since October 2011, the Department of Animal Sciences, including the Marine Animal Ecology group, has been housed in the new Zodiac building on Wageningen Campus. See below for a directions to Zodiac.

Wageningen Campus

Wageningen University & Research continuously aims to assemble her knowledge of education and research. Physically this is achieved on the Wageningen Campus. A place where students, teachers, researchers and staff can come together and exchange ideas.

Visiting address:

Zodiac (building 122)
Marine Animal Ecology Group
De Elst 1
6708 WD Wageningen

The Netherlands

Postal address

Wageningen University & Research
Marine Animal Ecology Group (Bode number: 32)
P.O. Box 338
6700 AH Wageningen
The Netherlands

For general questions, please contact the secretariat.