Education of the Marine Animal Ecology Group

The MAE provides education and training at the BSc, MSc and PhD level.

We are urgently looking for MSc students in the following projects:

  • Aiding sustainable aquaculture with sponges in the Eastern Mediterranean. Read more..
  • Using marine lakes as natural laboratories for ecology and evolution. Multiple topics are available, including: fish morphology, genomics, community ecology and others. There are also limited fieldwork opportunities in Indonesia. Read more..
  • Researching how future oceans will affect deep sea sponges in Bergen, Norway. Read more..
  • Studying what the effect of re-suspended sediment is on sponges in Canada. Read more..
  • Assessing the effect of iron availability on reef resilience in Mo'orea. Read more..


Life History of Aquatic Organisms (AFI-31306, P1)
Marine Systems (AEW-22806, P1)
Environmental Quality and Governance (ENP-35806, P2,5)
Marine Animal Ecology (MAE-30306, P5)
Introduction in Animal Ecology (REG-21306, P6)
Introduction to Marine and Estuarine Ecology (AEW-51806, P6)

Research projects

Short Research Project (MAE-50306, P1-6)
BSc Thesis (WUR-BSc, P1-6)
MSc Thesis (MAE-80324, P1-6)
MSc Internship (MAE-70324, P1-6)

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