Education of the Marine Animal Ecology Group

The MAE provides education and training at the BSc, MSc and PhD level.


    Life History of Aquatic Organisms (AFI-31306, P1)
    Marine Systems (AEW-22806, P1)
    Environmental Quality and Governance (ENP-35806, P2,5)
    Advanced Molecular Ecology (MAE-50806, P3)
    Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology (GEN-20306, P5)
    Introduction in Animal Ecology (REG-21306, P6)
    Introduction to Marine and Estuarine Ecology (AEW-51806, P6)
    Marine Animal Ecology (MAE-30306, P6)

    Research projects

    We are always looking for motivated students for BSc and MSc theses, internships and Short Research Projects. Contact Diede Maas for more information on available projects or check out our Research Lines to see what sparks your interest.

    Short Research Project (MAE-50306, P1-6)
    BSc Thesis (WUR-BSc, P1-6)
    MSc Thesis (MAE-80324, P1-6)
    MSc Internship (MAE-70324, P1-6)

    Examples of projects that students can currently join:

    Categorizing parasites on scleractinean corals. In collaboration with Naturalis and Burger's Zoo we are looking for a BSc or SRP student to work on the classification and categorization of parasites inhabiting scleractinean corals. We are looking for a student who is able to start as soon as possible!

    Designing a sensor device to identify food sources of large elasmobranchs. With the opportunity to start any time, we are looking for an BSc or SRP student to work on the possibility of a miniature DNA sequencing device that can be placed on or inside sharks and rays to study diets. You are asked to find out what is necessary to create such a science-fiction sounding device.

    Optimizing sea urchin larvae culture and settlement. Together with Van Hall University of Applied Sciences we are looking for an internship student to work on optimizing sea urchin culture. You will work in the aquarium facilities to study what cues are optimal for sea urchins to settle. This information will be used to design artificial reefs to be placed in the Caribbean to stimulate the local sea urchin population. We are looking for a student that can start in January 2021.

    Performing a pilot experiment on impacts of electromagnetic fields on elasmobranchs. We are looking for an MSc student who can start in June/Juli 2021 to help set up a pilot experiment that intends to measure impacts of EMFs on the behaviour of sharks and rays. The work will be performed in Scotland. Having experience in statistics, design and ethics of animal experimentation and/or toxicology is a pre.

    For an overview of the type of work that is done at Marine Animal Ecology:

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