Education of the Marine Animal Ecology Group

The MAE provides education and training at the BSc, MSc and PhD level.


    Life History of Aquatic Organisms (AFI-31306, P1)
    Marine Systems (AEW-22806, P1)
    Environmental Quality and Governance (ENP-35806, P2,5)
    Advanced Molecular Ecology (MAE-50806, P3)
    Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology (GEN-20306, P5)
    Introduction in Animal Ecology (REG-21306, P6)
    Introduction to Marine and Estuarine Ecology (AEW-51806, P6)
    Marine Animal Ecology (MAE-30306, P6)
    Scientific Diving - Theoretical Course (MAE-10302, any period)
    Scientific Diving - Practical Course (MAE-20302, scheduled on demand)

    Research projects

    We are always looking for motivated students for BSc and MSc theses, internships and Short Research Projects. Contact Diede Maas for more information on available projects or check out our Research Lines to see what sparks your interest.

    Short Research Project (MAE-50306, P1-6)
    BSc Thesis (WUR-BSc, P1-6)
    MSc Thesis (MAE-80324, P1-6)
    MSc Research Practice (MAE-79324, P1-6)
    MSc Internship (MAE-70324, P1-6)

    Highlighted student projects

    At MAE we are working on various research lines. Students can join the research efforts via thesis projects, internships, research practices and/or short research projects. See below for some highlighted projects. If you are interested in any of these, please contact!

    MSc thesis:

    Modelling probability of disease spread in Caribbean sea urchins. Available now, based in Wageningen.

    The physiological and genetic responses of mussels to climate change. Available now, based in Yerseke.

    Various restoration projects of oyster beds. Available now and based in Wageningen or Yerseke.

    Impacts of electromagnetic fields on embryogenesis of sharks and rays. Project is available from May/June and based in Wageningen.

    Potential of nutrient-rich sludge from water treatment plants for food industry. Ecotoxicological work in mesocosms. Available from March 2023.

    Developing a digital twin of a marine bivalve. Available any time.

    Population structure analysis of thornback ray through DNA from beached egg cases. Available from April or from September.


    Tagging an monitoring Queen Conch in Bonaire and Curacao. WWF has an internship available from February until August.

    Rearing and restoration of Caribbean sea urchins. Project is available from March and based in Saba.

    Alaskan salmon fisheries assessment. Project runs in the spring/summer, based in Alaska.

    Reef restoration and sea turtle conservation in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Start dates can be March or September.

    Mangrove and coral reef restoration in Aruba. Start dates can be April, September or December/January.

    Designing reef structures and monitoring their effects. Closing dates for applications are 31st of March.

    Also check internship opportunities at Wageningen Marine Research.

    For an overview of the type of work that is done at Marine Animal Ecology:

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