Building artificial reefs to be used as 'fish hotels' in Haringvliet estuary

Published on
January 9, 2019

Last weekend, Prof. Dr. Tinka Murk and Dr. Reindert Nijland helped build an artificial reef which will be placed in the Haringvliet estuary to offer a hiding place for migratory fish. The fish hotels will be monitored via eDNA to see which fishes take shelter there. Before the actual, larger artifical reefs are to be placed in the Haringvliet, first a test run was done by Tinka and Reindert in the Boomgaardplas.

The fish hotel concept and building blocks are designed and made by Maxim Robbe Dijkstra. The project of the Haringvliet estuary is done in collaboration with WUR, and the actual reefs will be built near the new vogeleiland Bliek and a location closer to the Haringvliet sluices. But first Reindert and Tinka visited the Boomgaardplas to place a down-scaled model of the reefs.