Prof. Tinka Murk on changes in the North Sea and perspectives on the future

Published on
May 21, 2020

In a midnight radio show of NTR Focus, prof. Tinka Murk is interviewed about how the North Sea has changed in the last couple of decades and asked about her perspective on the future. She talks about how European regulations have changed and made the North Sea much cleaner, what microplastics are and how they may (or may not) affect us, and about her ideas on how we can improve North Sea biodiversity. Tinka says we can also be proud of how much has already changed. It should give us motivation to keep improving!

Click to listen to the interview (Dutch!)

Time stamps
0:00 Microplastic, toxic substances, European improvements in environmental quality
13:15 Over de muur - Klein orkest
16:50 Personal motivation, emancipation, female professors
25:25 Ellen ten Damme - Alles draait door
27:30 Diving, fish sounds, diving the North Sea
41:05 Song of the sea - Lisa Hanningan
44:09 Future of the North Sea, transistions and opportunities multiple use
54:00 Study music project - Dennis Kuo