PhD at the Cultural Geography Group

Wageningen University & Reserach is offering PhD programmes for qualified candidates. Two types of PhD programmes are offered, i.e. a full PhD programme at Wageningen University & Research and a sandwich PhD programme. Under this last PhD programme a PhD student is not employed by Wageningen University & Research, but by a local organisation in his/her own country. At the start of the PhD programme the PhD candidate comes to Wageningen for half a year to prepare a fully elaborated research proposal, then (s)he returns to his/her home country for about three years to do the research work, and finally (s)he returns to Wageningen for 6-9 months to write up a dissertation.

There are three general requirements for being admitted to the WUR PhD programme, i.e. that a student has the proper qualification for a PhD study in the form of a MSc degree recognized by Wageningen University & Research, that a WUR professor is willing to act as a promotor to the study, and that funding for the PhD study is available. For details on the admittance procedure we refer you to the Internetpage of Wageningen University & Research.

For this purpose the chair group Cultural Geography (GEO) is affiniated with the Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS) and N.W. Posthumus Graduate School. For students who want to carry out a PhD study with GEO, it is important that the proposed study is related to the field of research of our group.