Geo thesis supervision

Below you can find an overview of GEO staff members and their thesis supervision expertise:

Prof. Dr. Claudio Minca
- Tourism, travel theory and postcolonialism
- Geographies of culture and power
- Spatial theory and biopolitics
- Spaces of exception

Prof. Dr. René van der Duim
- Tourism and sustainable development from a governance perspective
- Institutional arrangements for tourism, conservation and development
- Tourism and globalization
- Actor-network theory

Dr. Ana Aceska
- knowledge and power in planning and policy-making
- contested places, post-conflict and post-disaster cities
- heritage and memory
- belonging and home-making
- Southeastern Europe

Dr. Karolina Doughty
- Cultures of mobility, and everyday mobilities
- Wellbeing, health and therapeutic landscapes
- Experiences of tourism and leisure
- Public space and inclusion/exclusion
- New materialist theories

Dr. Clemens Driessen
- human-animal relations in nature, food production and elsewhere (qualitative approaches)
- alternative knowledge practices, citizen science, local knowledge
- artistic/ design interventions in societal debates
- science and technology studies
- nature conservation and environmental humanities

Dr. Martijn Duineveld
- Knowledge/power in planning and design
- The governance of heritage
- City planning and struggle
- The politics of design

Dr. Maarten Jacobs
- Emotions and cognitions toward animals/wildlife
- Perception and experience of landscape and nature
- Leisure and tourist experiences

Chih-Chen Trista Lin
- Globalization and development 'from below'
- Care, responsibility and power in travel and tourism
- Feminist new materialism
- Latin America studies

Dr. Meghann Ormond
- Transnational mobilities
- Postcolonial geographies and critiques of development
- Health and well-being in relation to travel and leisure practices
- Southeast Asia

Arjaan Pellis
- Tourism, Conservation and Development
- Conflicts and Struggle
- Nature entrepreneurship
- Landscape governance

Dr. Karin Peters
- Leisure in public spaces
- Leisure and ethnic diversity
- Leisure and discrimination
- Public spaces and issues of belonging