Major or minor thesis?

The distinction between a Major and Minor thesis is based on whether the thesis is written as part of the specialization programme and related chair group or whether the thesis is an optional of the study programme. A Major thesis is prescribed in the approved study programme as at least 30 credits with 39 as a maximum. A Minor thesis can be 24 credits and higher.
The prerequisites of a Major thesis is prescribed for students that specialize in Socio-spatial Analysis (MSc Landscape, Architecture and Planning) or follow the MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment.

In most cases, Minor theses are done by students from other Master programmes. If this is the case then there are extra requirements to be taken into account. For a Minor thesis, the chair group prescribes at least two courses to be taken before the minor thesis work begins.

Students from other Master programmes and chair groups have to follow:

  1. a social science research methodology course
  2. a theoretical course relevant for the topic.

Contact the Thesis Coordinator for advise on which courses to take. It is advised to do this well in advance.

Conducting a thesis forms an important requisite of your bachelor or master programme. Our lecturers strongly urge on formulating the subject of your thesis yourself; this is also a proof of your capacity and professionalism towards your future profession!

It is of course interesting to share your thoughts with one or more lecturers.