Procedure to write a thesis at The Cultural Geography Group

Both study advisor and the thesis coordinator are there to assist the student with identifying the number of credits and delineation of topic and theme of research. The normal procedure is that students register with the coordinator first who then will look for an appropriate supervisor with in the chair group. The current thesis coordinator is Karin Peters for MLE. In case of questions contact her.

Part and parcel of the procedure is that a proposal needs to be written and approved by the supervisor. The role of the supervisor is to assist. The proposal should elaborate the theoretical underpinnings of  the research, the research questions and objectives, the methodological choices and a time frame. It is also important to pay attention to how local supervision is arranged and how contact with the chair group's supervisor is established. This information will be part of the Master Thesis Agreement that will be signed by the student, the local supervisor and the chair group's supervisor. The Master Thesis Agreement can be downloaded from the Student Service Centre Forms page.

In certain circumstances, it may be advisable to link the internship with the (major or minor) thesis. Contact your study advisor and the chair group internship and thesis coordinator.