Groeneveld Conference: The Chinese are coming

The world is changing, and so is the increasing number of Chinese tourists...

Organised by Cultural Geography

Thu 11 September 2014 13:00 to 17:15

Venue Gaia, gebouwnummer 101
Room Gaia 1 & 2

How do you deal with such an influx as a destination? The yearly Groeneveld Conference, this year facilitated at Wageningen University, will address the increasing number of Chinese tourists. What can we learn from China as an expert in dealing with incredible number of travelers, how sustainable is this developing growth of Chinese tourists, or what does a Chinese tourist expect when coming to Europe or the Netherlands? These are some of the central questions raised on the 11th of September.


National and international speakers will share their insights on several issues:

  • Eddie Yang, director China, NBTC Holland Marketing; presents the latest trends and developments related to Chinese outgoing tourism
  • Pál Nyíri, professor at VU Amsterdam; what will a Chinese tourist expect when spending his holidays in the Netherlands?
  • Chin Ee Ong, Assistant Professor at Wageningen University; shows what Dutch tourists can expect in China and how cultural differences can effect the management and experience of tourism
  • Hans Dominicus, director CELTH, and Rachel Feng, Shanghai Institute of Tourism; explain how Amsterdam and other European cities deal with incoming visitors. And explain how China is taking care of its sustainable tourism policy and what we can learn from this in Europe

The programme is followed by a discussion on how the economic benefits of incoming flows of tourists weigh up to issues of sustainable development. 

Due to the international character of invited speakers, the conference will be entirely performed in English.


13.00 hrs - Welcome

13.30 hrs - Introduction by chairman of the day: Rene van der Duim, Special Professor of Tourism and Sustainable Development, Wageningen UR

13.45 hrs - Eddie Yang, Director China, NBTC Holland Marketing 

14.15 hrs - Pál Nyíri, Professor, VU Amsterdam

14.45 hrs - Chin Ee Ong, Assistant Professor, Wageningen UR

15.15 hrs - Break

15.45 hrs - Hans Dominicus, Director CELTH, and Rachel Feng, Shanghai Institute of Tourism

16.15 hrs - Discussion facilitated by Frank Pieke, Professor Modern China Studies, Leiden University

17.00 hrs - Closure

17.15 hrs - reception