MSc theses 2019

Below, an overview is provided of the MSc thesis reports produced by students who did an MSc thesis at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group in 2019.

  • Daan van Wieringen: The impact of sluice management on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Haringvliet
  • Sven van Best:
    Effects of land-use changes on ecosystem services and monetary values
    of tropical forest areas near Manaus and Coari, in the Brazilian Amazon
  • Yu-Shiuan Cheng: Effects of crop management measures on soil-carbon sequestration, crop yield and environment
  • Sayidjakhon Khasanov: Assessment of desert extension and soil salinity in Mirzachul Steppe, Uzbekistan
  • Karen Meza Constantino: Exploring groundwater viral transport: modelling viral emissions from pit latrines
  • Natalie Orentlicher:
    Carbon, palms and peat. Assessing the environmental and economic
    sustainability of sago for the carbon emissions reduction of Indonesian
  • Umidkhon Uzbekov: Predicting the impact of future climate change on streamflow in Chirchik River BASIN using the SWAT model
  • Gwenno Talfryn: Evaluating models assessing changes in copper and zinc reactivity in soils
  • Twan Cals: Modelling annual river export of particulate matters in Europe
  • Niek Koelen: A statistical analysis of Eschericia coli concentrations in the Pakistani Kabul river
  • Jorrit Herrera Farfàn: Impacts of fire and haze on agricultural productivity in indonesia after the fires of 2015
  • David Fosu-Asante:
    Integrated cost-benefit analysis of nature conservation and sheep
    herding in the Sierra de Maria-Los Velez Natural Park, south-eastern
  • Nur Rezki Hajar: The Potential Effects of Marine Litter on Tourism at Kuta Beach, Bali: A Systemic Analysis
  • Luigi Scoppola: Integrated cost-benefit analysis of a multifunctional and regenerative farming system in dryland, south-east Spain
  • Marlieke Smit: Exploring intergenerational attitudes toward glacier retreat in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley, France
  • Silke Mooldijk:
    Identifying inaccessible GHG emission reduction technologies. In the
    context of decarbonisation, ambition and Article 6 of the Paris
  • Xibei Zhang: Public preferences for ecosystem services of small urban green infrastructures in Guangzhou, China
  • Senhao Wang: Are cities meeting the climate goals they set themselves?
  • Wieke Vervuurt: Modelling GHG emissions of cacao production at plot level in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire
  • Dewi du Long: On the desirability of solar energy storage
  • Aimilia Paraschou: Integrated cost-benefit analysis of conventional and regenerative almond monoculture in the drylands of south-east Spain
  • Hannah Schütte: Bridging the knowledge gap: the influence of soil properties on ecosystem services in the Netherlands
  • Istiqomah Zamani: How does land reclamation affect mangrove ecosystem services in Kendari Bay, south-east Sulawesi
  • Siyu Chen:
    Ecosystem services and monetary benefits of three public green spaces
    in Guangzhou, China for better planning of urban green infrastructure
  • Sarah Mourad: Selection and assessment of Ecosystem Service Indicators to Monitor the Effect of Regenerative Agriculture in Southern Spain
  • Clara Sarpong: Implications of government ban on small-scale gold mining. A case study of Tarkwa, Ghana
  • Sekar Kinasih: Impacts of sanitation development to human Rotavirus emissions to surface water in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Laura Schumacher: Projections of global and regional nutrient flows from farm to fork
  • Malte Lessmann: Assessing the potential of agricultural management measures on soil carbon sequestration by meta-analysis
  • Martijn van Santen: Designing green policy scenarios for the tourism industries of India and the EU
  • Shakhzoda Umarova: How to overcome the challenges to introduce payments for ecosystem services in Ugam Chatkal National Nature Park?
  • Alp Çakir: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the ecosystem services of green roofs in urban areas
  • Ruben Keizer: Company commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Leo Woohyun Joe: Modelling viral emissions from pit latrines to groundwater
  • Pien van Berkel:
    Realizing a just transition to gas-free heating in the Dutch social
    housing sector. Integration of energy poverty considerations into
  • Chuan Ma: Reducing river export of nutrients from sub-basins to Lake Dianchi in the future
  • Nina Zaadnoordijk: Modelling rotavirus concentrations in rivers worldwide: simulating current and future concentrations