MSc theses 2020

Below, an overview is provided of the MSc thesis reports produced by students who did an MSc thesis at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group in 2020.

  • Yu-Jie Wei: Impacts of changes in domestic pig feed production and pig meat consumption on nitrogen and phosphorus flows in Taiwan
  • Teun van der Werf:
    Unravelling drought resilience by means of capital domains, generic
    resilience principles and indicators at the Doesburger Eng, NL
  • Iris Flamand: Olive farmers’ compliance to soil-erosion-control policies in the Protected Designation of Origin Estepa
  • Shiying Lin: Environmental Assessment of Food-Energy-Water Rooftop systems in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Gifty Abiwu: Quantification of Cryptosporidium Emissions from Surface Water and the management of Wastewater Sludge in Kampala, Uganda
  • Emma de Haas: Comparing the functioning of ecological and societal networks
  • Lampros Tasiopoulos: Spatial-Temporal Modelling of Air Pollution. Focus on wood combustion from residential areas in the Netherlands
  • Joost van Heiningen: An evaluation of sustainability assessments of food systems
  • Enya Ramírez del Valle:
    How does landscape restoration in La Junquera farm affect pollination
    & biological control services by insects on almond cultivation
  • Ziqing Ye: Multi-pollutant assessment for China
  • Maarten van Doorn: Temporal trends and spatial variability of foliar nutrients in Europe
  • Bart van Valenberg: Shaping a zero emission energy system for the EU
  • Carolijn Oudshoorn:
    The challenges and opportunities of a circular flow of packaging
    plastics. A study at retail business park Centerpoort-Nieuwgraaf, Duiven
  • Mira Franzen: Impact of management activities on the mangrove ecosystem service potential in Gazi Bay, Kenya