Erratum to: An assessment of progress toward 2030 climate targets”

Kuramochi, Takeshi; Nascimento, Leonardo; Moisio, Mia; Elzen, Michel den; Forsell, Nicklas; Soest, Heleen van; Tanguy, Paola; Gonzales, Sofia; Hans, Frederic; Louise Jeffery, M.; Fekete, Hanna; Schiefer, Tessa; Villafranca Casas, Maria Jose de; Vivero-Serrano, Gustavo De; Dafnomilis, Ioannis; Roelfsema, Mark; Höhne, Niklas


Due to errors made during the production process, the printed version of the article contained one duplicate reference, which led to an inconsistent numbering in the reference list, and one incorrect citation in Table 3. The online version of the article has been updated with the corrections. The authors would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.