Wave of net zero emission targets opens window to meeting the Paris Agreement

Höhne, Niklas; Gidden, Matthew J.; Elzen, Michel den; Hans, Frederic; Fyson, Claire; Geiges, Andreas; Jeffery, M.L.; Gonzales-Zuñiga, Sofia; Mooldijk, Silke; Hare, William; Rogelj, Joeri


National net zero emission targets could, if fully implemented, reduce best estimates of projected global average temperature increase to 2.0–2.4 °C by 2100, bringing the Paris Agreement temperature goal within reach. A total of 131 countries are discussing, have announced or have adopted net zero targets, covering 72% of global emissions. These targets could substantially lower projected warming as compared to currently implemented policies (2.9–3.2 °C) or pledges submitted to the Paris Agreement (2.4–2.9 °C).