Growth rings in two Mangrove species from Bangladesh

The nature and periodicity of growth rings in two major Bangladesh mangrove species (Sonneratia apetala and Heritiera fomes) was investigated. In addition, high resolution measurements of several wood anatomical characters (vessel density, vessel grouping, tangential and radial vessel diameter) were carried out in transects from pith to bark to trace possible periodic ‘signals’.


The annual nature of tree rings in both species was proved by the accordance between ring counts and the documented age of the plantation-grown trees. Tree rings of both species were also synchronized with annual precipitation of the sites. These indicate the annual periodicity of the studied species. No clear periodicity, however, was found in the time series of the vessel characters in both species. This finding reveals the suitability of S. apetala and H. fomes for further dendrochronological investigations.



MSc theses

  • Chowdhury, Q. (2006). Nature and periodicity of growth rings in Sonneratia apetala Buch.-Ham. and Heritiera fomes Buch.-Ham., two Bangladesh mangrove species. (supervision: Sass-Klaassen, in cooperation with Beeckman/RMCA, Belgium & Schmitz/VUB, Belgium)