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New face online

Published on
May 25, 2020

A rather exceptional experience: starting a new job from your own living room!

While Covid-19 forces us to adjust our lifestyles to a new normal, I am finding my way in a new network. On March 1, I started my new job as Junior Lecturer at FNP. Although we are all on our own ship, I am very happy to be on board!
Only recently did I graduate from FNP myself, on a study into nature connectedness and nature images among children in Dutch primary education. In my new function, my research into this topic continues, with a soon-to-be published article. As a lecturer, I also teach in several Bachelor courses. Furthermore, I supervise students in their BSc and MSc theses and internships on topics concerning human-nature relationships, nature education and nature images, as well as agroecology.
Although the work starts from home, I am learning a lot and enjoying working with students. Covid-19 has introduced challenges for our education, though not necessarily only negative. On the one hand, we miss a lot; on the other, we are forced to be creative and to reflect critically on regular education. I notice that this also brings new opportunities and creative ideas. And that is something to hold on to.
As a conservationist, I also see interesting things happening regarding human-nature interactions. Due to the (partial) lockdown, I notice that many people start to rediscover their direct surroundings. Suddenly, they experience the spring emerging around the corner and notice natural processes they did not pay much attention to. Suddenly, they experience the relief that a little walk in nature can give in stressful times. People start realising that nature does not need humans, but that humans largely depend on it for our own well-being. I am wondering if this can result in a renewed interest in nature, a stronger relationship to the natural world and a stronger urge to protect nature. Enough research topics to dive into while I’ll continue my own Covid-19 lockdown. Almost looking forward to it.
I hope to see you soon in real life. For an escape from working at home, you’re welcome to visit my newest Corona project: a food forest in Utrecht where I also teach outdoor yoga in small groups. More about this topic in my next blog. Stay safe, optimistic and enjoy nature!