FNP student wins UFW award in social sciences

Published on
July 1, 2021

Wisse van Engelen obtained a 9 in June 2020 for his Masters thesis.

Each year, the University Fund Wageningen (UFW) gives awards to four students who have written the best MSc thesis in each of four domains: life sciences, social sciences, environmental sciences and agro-technology & food sciences. Each student receives €500, a certificate and a jury report. The overall prize winner receives €1000 and a bronze sculpture of the ‘Wageningen Tree’ by Sjoerd Buisman. The award ceremony for the 2020 winners took place online on Tuesday 29 June.

Wisse's award judicium lauds: "This is an achievement for many reasons, not just for you but also for the Forest & Nature Conservation Policy group and your supervisor Prof. dr. Esther Turnhout. The thesis has been chosen out of nine competing theses."

“I am very proud of Wisse’s achievement,” says Esther. “He has done an excellent job and we are very happy with this recognition.” His thesis titled The Park Multiple - The Politics of Conservation Tourism Partnerships, can be found here.

In his research, Wisse studied the politics of conservation-tourism partnerships, an overlooked issue relevant to nature parks all around the world, he writes in his thesis abstract. The MSc thesis is a registered report written by a student based on research as part of the MSc study programme.

Jury's report on Wisse's achievement.

More on the UFW award can be ffound here.