Multi-view framework to assess National Spatial Data Infrastructures (NSDIs)

This workshop took place in May 2007. Below you can find a description of the contents of the workshop and whenever available, the presentations that were given by the invited speakers.


23-25 May, 2007


GAIA 1, Location Alterra, Wageningen


This workshop was part of the project extension of project "Development of framework to assess National SDIs". The intention of this extension was to improve the development, worldwide application and evaluation of the multi-view framework in order to assess National Spatial Data Infrastructures (NSDI). Since NSDIs can be defined as complex, multi-facetted and dynamic systems, the assessment should be flexible and based on a multi-view approach.


  • Multi-view framework to assess NSDIs
  • Approaches for assessing NSDIs
  • User demands to the (multi-view) framework to assess NSDIs
  • Application strategies for applying the (multi-view) framework and its approaches
  • Evaluation procedures of assessment results