Sensing a Changing World

This workshop took place on November 19-21 2008. Below you can find a description of the contents of the workshop and whenever available, the presentations that were given by the invited speakers.


Current developments in sensor technology  provide increasing opportunities to analyze human behavior and monitor environmental processes in a changing world.

Access to vast amounts of data from mobile (e.g., gps, mobile phones), in situ (e.g., meteorological, groundwater, seismic) and remote sensing sensors provides scientific researchers with complex but very interesting spatial-temporal data sets. However, the challenge will be to develop concepts and applications that can provide timely and on-demand  knowledge to end-users in different domains and at a range of scale-levels.

This workshop had the objective to elucidate common concepts on aspects like data communication, processing, standardization, knowledge discovery, representation, and visualization. The program of the workshop included keynote presentations on the state-of-the art developments and identification of  future research challenges to improve the application of sensor webs in the environmental sciences domains (urban, water, environment, transportation, agriculture, tourism etc.). A selection of the presented papers was published in a special issue of the open access journal Sensors (


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Thursday, 20 November 2008