Spectro-directional sensing of vegetation

This seminar took place on April 7, 2010. Below you can find a description of the contents of the workshop and whenever available, the presentations that were given by the invited speakers.


Wednesday April 7, 2010

Seminar Description

To forecast climate change impacts and adaptations, there is need for developing improved vegetation monitoring services, which are able to record, quantify and map bio-indicators of vegetation parameters across the globe.

In this context, Earth observation can provide a substantial amount of up-to-date information about the biochemical and structural conditions at a local-to-global scale. Both multi-angular and spectral data, and particularly their combination may lead to new opportunities for space-based monitoring applications.

In this seminar the use of both spectroscopic and multi-angular remote sensing data for vegetation monitoring was presented.

The seminar preceded the PhD thesis defense of Jochem Verrelst.