Land Use Planning Group

The Land Use Planning Group aims to improve our understanding of landscapes as social-ecological systems, thus providing the basis for sustainable land use and spatial planning.

Our research

In the research of the Spatial Planning group a central role is assigned to the landscapes as a social-ecological systems. We aim to develop planning theory, approaches, and instruments which may enhance the resilience of landscapes. In order to do so we analyse and explain the interplay between natural and social processes. We study how landscapes respond to societal processes, how in turn people respond to landscape change, and how they decide to intervene through technological solutions and policy measures. In doing so, the Land Use Planning Group represents and contributes to Wageningen University & Research's mission ‘for quality of life’.

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Our education

Land Use Planning is one of the key Chair Groups participating in Landscape Architecture and Planning, covering the specialisation Spatial Planning (‘Ruimtelijke planning’) in both programmes.
We offer a wide range of Bachelor and Master level courses in planning methods, theory and practice.

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