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Landscape Architecture Group

We address present and future challenges, such as climate change, the human perception of landscape, water management, urbanisation and energy transition, through landscape design. Our specific competence is to deal with the various scales of complex and dynamic landscape systems and to propose inspiring and meaningful solutions.

ClimAtelier, NRG Lab, Landscape Machines platform

CLIMATELIER is a research and design laboratory with a focus on urban climate, linking the science of urban climatology to urban design and planning. We pursue urban climate studies from a distinctive angle, combining a phenomenological and a physical approach in studying microclimate perceptions. We create design recommendations on urban climate adaptation such as guidelines and prototypical solutions for professional and academic use. These recommendations are partly based on the evidence we generate in our own studies and partly on evidence from other colleagues. To make such evidence fit for use as guidelines and prototypical solutions we translate purely scientific knowledge into design hypotheses that we test in research through designing processes. The testing criteria reflect our combined phenomenological and physical approach and also criteria inherent to urban design. To create urban climate responsive outdoor environments we cooperate with colleagues worldwide, both from academia and design practice.
NRGlab is the laboratory on energy landscapes initiated by Sven Stremke and Renée de Waal. This website is our online platform where we collect knowledge, share experiences and bring together people who work on the subject of Sustainable Energy Landscapes. Last but not least the NRGlab should help forming coalitions for future research, design and teaching projects on energy landscapes.
The ‘Landscape Machine – Design Laboratory’ was founded in 2012 at the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands by landscape architect Paul Roncken. It is the result of continuous student interest in designing and conceptualizing living landscapes with productive qualities. Products range from classical agrarian products to new energy harvesting and pollution solutions.

Download the Yearbook 2012-2013 of our Group. (PDF 15.3 Mb)