About the Landscape Architecture Group

We are the Landscape Architecture Group at Wageningen University & Research and focus on addressing present and future challenges through design. Many of the so-called ‘grand challenges’ are embedded in landscapes across the world.

They include, for example, climate change, the human perception of landscapes, sustainable water management, urbanisation and energy transition, and call for comprehensive and innovative design solutions. Our specific competence is to deal with the various scale levels of complex and dynamic landscape systems and to propose inspiring and meaningful solutions. We consider it essential to base design solutions on a thorough understanding of the nature of the challenges, a practice commonly referred to as evidence-based design. Accordingly, we educate and train our Bachelor, Master and PhD students to become thoughtful, responsive and creative researchers and practitioners. Research at the group encompasses regional, landscape and urban design, as well as theory and methodology about the relationship between design and research. The Landscape Architecture Group, similar to the entire University, is international in terms of staff culture and student body.

We are embedded in the department of Environmental Sciences of Wageningen University & Research. The department provides fundamental research and academic education on our living environment: nature, landscape, water and oceans, as well as on the various competing claims on space. This also includes biodiversity and the sustainability of management and production.