Rivierengebied - R. van Etteger

Internship of the Landscape Architecture Group

Internship is a required part of the masters in landscape architecture and planning. The minimum time spent on the internship is 24 ects ca. 4 months. Most students take a 30 ects internships as this fits better with the practices that offer internships and allows the students to follow certain projects for a longer time.

After a few years of studying the internship is a welcome break away from the university for most students. The time spent in a practice usually also helps to focus the interests of students for certain parts of the landscape architecture field. It helps the students in finding out where more knowledge is needed and where his or her interests are in subjects for the thesis. Also the practical skills of architecture in drawing are usually sharpened during the internship facilitating work on the thesis. All in all the change of scenery works well for the students and they return to Wageningen with new motivation and a desire to finish their studies in order to get working.

On the site of the NVTL (association for garden- and landscape architecture) you can find all the offices by name or on an map.