MSc Theses titles

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(list below updated March.2020)

Theses 2019
Title Name student Location
03:37 - Amatrice still exists. Disaster recovery design for the post-quake landscape of Amatrice. Merel Cozijnsen Amatrice, Italy
A Boost of Nature. Designing a healthy work landscape for the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. Danielle van Meijeren Nijmegen, NL
The bright side of solar energy. How solar energy can be used as a tool to improve spatial quality. Coos van Ginkel Haarlemmermeer, NL
Cicular urban energy park. Transformation of Hemwegcentrale. Yingzi Wang Amsterdam, NL
City meets dairy landscape. Developing food-revelatory design principles to design a productive and experiential dairy landscape in the Amstelscheg. Merel Gerritsen Amsterdam, NL
Combining built and natural infrastructure to motivate flood reslient communities in Greater Montreal. Louise Capelle-Burny Montreal Quebec, Canada
design against Desertification. A landscape scenario design study to explore the future of desertification in southeast Spain and develop potential means to combat desertification. Feline Verbrugge Pedrera, Spain
Designing reciprocity. Between Lelystad airport and nature network Flevoland. Jian Long Lelystad, NL
Exo solar corridor. Discovering the symbiotic strength of utility-scale solar energy systems and ecological networks in Brummen, the Netherlands. Dominik Kriska Brummen, NL
From Pilsner to Park. A food systems approach to regional park design in the province of Utrecht. Brecht Leseman Utrecht, NL
Harvesting Sun. Vertical photovoltaic panels in peat meadow landscape. Qiling Yuan Steenwijk, NL
A Healthy Campus. Introducing healing landscape into Utrecht University. Siqi Li Utrecht, NL
Humanizing Streets. The superblocks in the Eixample, Barcelona Pamela Acuna Kuchenbecker Barcelona, Spain
Landscape, a healer for the elderly. Explore a salutogenetic and activating living environment for the elderly. Shiyi Liu Nijmegen, NL
Lessons from the past. Historical landscape elements for passive outdoor microclimate control. Michiel Bakx Randstad, NL
Mangroves?! Yes Please! Multi-fucntional use of mangroves in coastal tourism, Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica. Teodor F. Barna Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica
Monkey business in Apeldoorn. Towards an attractive parking experience at theme parks. Jack Reijnders Apeldoorn, NL
A new drought resilience casco for the high sand landscapes. Sjors de Greeff Baakse Beek-Veengoot, NL
Paludiculture landscape machine. Regeneration of the raised Bog landscape. Ruud Hesselink Bargerveen, NL
Rethinking XXL Distribution. Gerwen van de Veen North-Brabant, NL
Revival of disappeaering landscapes in Ria de Aveiro, Portugal. Leonardo Marchese Ria de Aveiro, Portugal
Room for the estuary. An alternative regional landscape design for east Pearl river estuary. Xinchang Tong Guangzhou, China
Safe by Foreland. Developing design priciples for foreland in the upstram Dutch river landscape to obtain more than water safety of dikes. Kris Kersten Ravenstein-Lith, NL
Sustainable urban wetland development in India. Jelmer Martijn Boersma Ramsar, India
Tielerwaard-West 2.0. The legacy of the design language in 20th century Dutch landscape plans and its significance in terms of the present and future landscape of Tielerwaard-West. Francine Kronenberg Tielerwaard-West, NL
Tribute to a Glacier. Designing a landscape for melancholic contemplation. Alexandra R. van Zyl Tasman Glacier, New Zealand
Twin villages. Settlement development that is in harmony with the agricultureal reclaimed landscape in the Rhenish Mining Area. Amarens Lock Jackerath-Kantweiler, Germany
XXL Mix. An explorative design study into an alternative way of placing and designing XXL warehousing in the Netherlands. Joran Lammers Dodewaard, NL
Theses 2018
Title Name student Location
Infrastructural Landscapes of a Diabolic Motorway. From a barrier to a membrande. Davor Dusanic Rotterdam A20, NL
Revealing the Urban Climate. A design study on climate revelatiory visualisations. Nina de Munnik Zwolle, NL
Flood-resilient delta for Richmond. An exploration of the possibilities for flood adaptation in the Fraser River delta, Canada. Jorne van de Water Canada
Contributing to a Climate Ready Boston. Developing a systematic approach for adaptive design under climate uncertainty. Nora Kooijmans Boston, USA
Thermally comfortable and accessible spaces for elderly. Joa van Maaren Rotterdam, NL
Tourism & Hydropower Landscapes. A new point of view on tourism & hydropower plant development in Skaftartunga, Iceland. Sander Smits Skaftartunga, Iceland
Blind Experience of Nature. Karin Huijben - de Graaf Allo, NL
Cultivating Resilience Towards Flood Safety. Local knowledge for landscape design. Begona Arellano Jaimerena Atacama Desert, Chile
Revert! A resilient landscape design process towards typhoon and flooding in Cam Kim Island, Hoi An, Vietnam. Oktaviana Miffatulani Hoi An, Vietnam
Back in Balance. Towards a carbon neutral peat meadew landscape. Maaten Vermeer Utrecht, NL
Positive Siting Strategy. A positive strategy for siting and designing wind parks in the National Landscape of South-Limburg. Maarten Plooi South-Limburg, NL
Valletta Soundscape Regeneration. Exploring the soundscape approach in designing urban landscapes. Eleonora Fiorin Valletta, Malta
Cool Heritage. Guidelines for combining bio-climatic design and built cultural heritage. Freek de Bruijn Den Bosch, NL
Biodiversity by Design. Maximising the biodiversity potential of Rivierenwijk, Utrecht by landscape architecture design. Petra Severijnen Utrecht, NL
These 2017
Title Name student Location
A landscape framework for informal settlements. To facilitate urban metabolism in Tete, Mozambique. Josje Hoefsloot Tete, Mozambique
Adapt Green-Blue Space. Implementing the Sustainable urban Drainage System in Rotterdam city context. Xiaowan Zhang Rotterdam, NL
Testing the usefulness of Research-through-designing within the Adaptive Delat Management approach in a local design case. Sustainable tourism development in Lower Town, Sint Eustatius. Ineke van Kapel Sint Eustatius
Beyond Ecotourism. Designing a synergy of tourism development and ecological reinforcement in Lac, Bonaire. Luc Jenniskens Lac, Bonaire
Bingham Canyon National Park. Reclaiming the Bingham Canyon Mine by transforming it into a new generation of National Park. Frederik Gotemans Bingham, USA
Campanha Urban Park. Activating the potential of the terrain vague. Stijn Lanters Porto, Portugal
Childhood and Wildness. Exploring the way to combine wildness with playfulness for children in their immediate living environment. Rujia Yu Dukenburg, Utrecht, NL
Designing Slow Motion Woodlands. Making flood reducing woodlands more culturally adopted by incorporatin gproductive values and experiential qualiteis in the Upper Calder Valley, UK. Arjen Venema Upper Calder Valley, UK
Energy Crystals.Urban Energy Landscape. Design approach an dimplementation for urban sustainable energy landsape of middle port area in Amsterdam municipality. Xiangjun Chen Amsterdam, NL
Experiencing Aachen's hidden streams. A research and design(ing) into the visual experiences of three valleys in and around Aachen. Rachel Backbier Aachen, Germany
Experiencing the Post-Mining Wonder. Reclaiming a new purpose for post-minng landscapes in the Quadrilatero Ferrifero (MG), Brazil. Carlo Leonardi Quadrilatero Ferrifero (MG), Brazil
Finding Elusive Quietness. Building tranquil communities in the outskirts of Frankfurt am Main. Rosanne Weijers Frankfurt am Main, Dld
From Hollowing area to Livable Rural Area. Developing agritourism from a perspective of landscape design as a catalyst for sustainable rural development. Yunjie Yang Shenyang, China
Heat Strikes on Tourism. A thermally comfortable tourist route in Thessaloniki. Antonia Cangosz Thessaloniki, Greece
On That Bicycle. Developing aesthetic cycling infrastructure to improve cycling experience. Thijs Broers Utrecht, NL
Performance and Appearance of Business sites through the ecosystem services lens: a design in the Italian Alps. Federico Lia Italian Alps
Seducing the Urban Visitor. A design study into behavior and preferences of tourists in Amsterdam. Linde Elsinga Amsterdam, NL
Thermally Comfortable Running Routes in Amsterdam. Katarzyna Starzycka Amsterdam, NL
Transform Weather for Cycling. Solutions for thermally comfortable cycling. David Huijben Rotterdam, NL
Truly Cooling Water Bodies. Lowering Urban Heat-stress. Zhonglin Gao Utrecht, NL
A Warsaw Fortress, 19th century dissonant heritage derelict in a contemporary urban environment. Kamila Lejman Warsaw, Poland
Water For Life. Towards sustainable protection and development of the Nhartanda valley in Tete, Mozambique. Rosanne Vlaar Nhartanda valley in Tete, Mozambique
Water Machine Networking. Designing a future-proof water network for integral urban development in Sint-Oedenrode, the Netherlands. Xiao Chen Sint-Oedenrode, NL
Zonnegroeve Mourik. Designing a socially supported sustainable sloar energy landscape in Brunssum, Parkstad Limburg. Melvin Creemers Brunssum, NL
The Garden of Tears. A design research for Polish national forum: in looking for Polish identity. Lukasz K. Bakowski Warwaw, Poland
Theses 2016
Title Name student Location
Bara Di Karta Trail. Tourist route as a catalyst for rural development, the case of Washikemba, Bonaire Andrea Hulsebosch Washikemba, Bonaire
At the Edge - of the land - of the ocean - of change Marit Noest New Jersey, USA
Perceiving without Grieving. Shaping solar energy for an energy neutral Zeeburgereiland, Amsteram Tom van Heeswijk Amsterdam, NL
Urban River Landscape Restoration. The case of river Grande de Morelia, Mexico Erika Rueda Arbesu Michoacan de Ocampo, Mexico
Urban Wetlands in the Core of Africa. Protection and creation of urban wetland landscape in Kigali, Rwanda Oana Baloi Kigali, Rwanda
How landscape architects use the concept of ecosytem services? Erika Rueda Arbesu France, Switerserland, Spain
Heritage trail from below. A landscape narrative based approach to heritage trail design Marieke van Zuiden St.Eustatius
Future of the place. Place of the future. The niche of the landscape architect within transformations of industrial heritage sites in times of uncertainties Rosanne Schrijver Sugar Factory, Groningen, NL
Strijp-S revived. A landscape design for public green space that integrates wastewater treatment Vera Hetem Eindhoven, NL
Recycle energy landscape. The natural gas production landscape of Groningen Vincent Peters Groningen, NL
Refugee meets local. Enhancing a sense of beloning in public space by ubicomp techniques Xiaoya Ye Arnhem, NL
Van dijk naar dijklandschap. Het meekoppelen van gebiedsopgaven met dijkversterkingen Mariska van Reijn Noord-Holland, NL
Move On. Research-through-drawing for flood resilience at the Galceston coast Helena van Boxelaere Gaceston, Texas, USA
The narratives behind Heritage Trails. Investigation upon the practice and politics of formal heritage making and landscape narratives in the landscape of Sint Eustatius Carlo Leonardi St.Eustatius
Green-blue infrastructure as a tool to reduce flooding. A landscape-based design - and ecosytem approach for Beira, Mozambique Cor Simon Beira, Mozambique
Culture as base for landscape design. The case of an earthquake-safe community centre for the Nepali mountain village Ashapuri Michelle Leemkuil Ashapuri, Nepal
The Blue Heart. A seascape approach to synergetic intergration of climate actons in the North Sea Changsoon Choi North Sea, NL
The essence of the Grebbedijk. A phenomenological approach to designing delta-dikes Ruben Isarin Grebbedijk, NL
Physical modelling in Landscape Architecture. Exploring a design tool for the explorative phases in dynamic landscape design Jolanda de Jong \
Visualizing energy flows in urban microclimates Ties Blaauw \
Reconnecting with nature through milti-sensuous experiences in national parks. Desiging a multi-sensory nature expeireince trail in the national park Utrechse Heuvelrug Veronika Kunclova Utrecht, NL
Embankments 2.0 as part of the transition to a robust watersystem. Perspective for the Frisian Peat Area Anna-Jet Leijenaar Friesland, NL
Theses 2015
Title Name student(s) Location
The phenomenology of Dutch Nature Ludo Dings 4 locations, NL
Urban energy metabolism. With a case study on Amsterdam. Changsoon Choi and Tom van Heeswijk Amsterdam, NL
The minefield of a dissonant site. Exploring design strategies in the context of dissonant heritage. Sanne van der Mijl IJmuiden, NL
Design guidelines for thermally comfortable and attractive streetscapes in harbour areas based on people's perception of street greenery. Christy Tang Rotterdam, NL
Climate-responsive urban edges. Designing thermally comfortable locations for urban growth at the peri-urban zone from the city of Utrecht. Rick Lensink Utrecht, NL
Dealing with rewilding in Spain. Tamara Rijntjes Arribes del Duero, Spain
Designing the Shangbu Watershed. An Exemplary Landscape Design for Stormwater Management in Hangzhou, China. Gao Shen Hangzhou, China
Double Dutch. An exploration of the 'Dutch Approach' in Rebuild by Design. Floortje van Gils New York, USA
Naturally more Malmberget. Gilles van der Heijden and Jules Neefjes Malmberget, Sweden
A People's Water Landscape. A community based regional landscape design approach for a changing water system. Frank-Jurien Dam IJssel lake, NL
Resilience of a water system in a changing climate. Hanne de Witte Zwolle, NL
Where is the Exit? Designing an urban escape route in Rotterdam. Anne Kleine Staarman Rotterdam, NL