MSc Theses titles

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(list below updated Jan.2018)

These 2017
Title Name student Location
A landscape framework for informal settlements. To facilitate urban metabolism in Tete, Mozambique. Josje Hoefsloot Tete, Mozambique
Adapt Green-Blue Space. Implementing the Sustainable urban Drainage System in Rotterdam city context. Xiaowan Zhang Rotterdam, NL
Testing the usefulness of Research-through-designing within the Adaptive Delat Management approach in a local design case. Sustainable tourism development in Lower Town, Sint Eustatius. Ineke van Kapel Sint Eustatius
Beyond Ecotourism. Designing a synergy of tourism development and ecological reinforcement in Lac, Bonaire. Luc Jenniskens Lac, Bonaire
Bingham Canyon National Park. Reclaiming the Bingham Canyon Mine by transforming it into a new generation of National Park. Frederik Gotemans Bingham, USA
Campanha Urban Park. Activating the potential of the terrain vague. Stijn Lanters Porto, Portugal
Childhood and Wildness. Exploring the way to combine wildness with playfulness for children in their immediate living environment. Rujia Yu Dukenburg, Utrecht, NL
Designing Slow Motion Woodlands. Making flood reducing woodlands more culturally adopted by incorporatin gproductive values and experiential qualiteis in the Upper Calder Valley, UK. Arjen Venema Upper Calder Valley, UK
Energy Crystals.Urban Energy Landscape. Design approach an dimplementation for urban sustainable energy landsape of middle port area in Amsterdam municipality. Xiangjun Chen Amsterdam, NL
Experiencing Aachen's hidden streams. A research and design(ing) into the visual experiences of three valleys in and around Aachen. Rachel Backbier Aachen, Germany
Experiencing the Post-Mining Wonder. Reclaiming a new purpose for post-minng landscapes in the Quadrilatero Ferrifero (MG), Brazil. Carlo Leonardi Quadrilatero Ferrifero (MG), Brazil
Finding Elusive Quietness. Building tranquil communities in the outskirts of Frankfurt am Main. Rosanne Weijers Frankfurt am Main, Dld
From Hollowing area to Livable Rural Area. Developing agritourism from a perspective of landscape design as a catalyst for sustainable rural development. Yunjie Yang Shenyang, China
Heat Strikes on Tourism. A thermally comfortable tourist route in Thessaloniki. Antonia Cangosz Thessaloniki, Greece
On That Bicycle. Developing aesthetic cycling infrastructure to improve cycling experience. Thijs Broers Utrecht, NL
Performance and Appearance of Business sites through the ecosystem services lens: a design in the Italian Alps. Federico Lia Italian Alps
Seducing the Urban Visitor. A design study into behavior and preferences of tourists in Amsterdam. Linde Elsinga Amsterdam, NL
Thermally Comfortable Running Routes in Amsterdam. Katarzyna Starzycka Amsterdam, NL
Transform Weather for Cycling. Solutions for thermally comfortable cycling. David Huijben Rotterdam, NL
Truly Cooling Water Bodies. Lowering Urban Heat-stress. Zhonglin Gao Utrecht, NL
A Warsaw Fortress, 19th century dissonant heritage derelict in a contemporary urban environment. Kamila Lejman Warsaw, Poland
Water For Life. Towards sustainable protection and development of the Nhartanda valley in Tete, Mozambique. Rosanne Vlaar Nhartanda valley in Tete, Mozambique
Water Machine Networking. Designing a future-proof water network for integral urban development in Sint-Oedenrode, the Netherlands. Xiao Chen Sint-Oedenrode, NL
Zonnegroeve Mourik. Designing a socially supported sustainable sloar energy landscape in Brunssum, Parkstad Limburg. Melvin Creemers Brunssum, NL
Theses 2016
Title Name student Location
Bara Di Karta Trail. Tourist route as a catalyst for rural development, the case of Washikemba, Bonaire Andrea Hulsebosch Washikemba, Bonaire
At the Edge - of the land - of the ocean - of change Marit Noest New Jersey, USA
Perceiving without Grieving. Shaping solar energy for an energy neutral Zeeburgereiland, Amsteram Tom van Heeswijk Amsterdam, NL
Urban River Landscape Restoration. The case of river Grande de Morelia, Mexico Erika Rueda Arbesu Michoacan de Ocampo, Mexico
Urban Wetlands in the Core of Africa. Protection and creation of urban wetland landscape in Kigali, Rwanda Oana Baloi Kigali, Rwanda
How landscape architects use the concept of ecosytem services? Erika Rueda Arbesu France, Switerserland, Spain
Heritage trail from below. A landscape narrative based approach to heritage trail design Marieke van Zuiden St.Eustatius
Future of the place. Place of the future. The niche of the landscape architect within transformations of industrial heritage sites in times of uncertainties Rosanne Schrijver Sugar Factory, Groningen, NL
Strijp-S revived. A landscape design for public green space that integrates wastewater treatment Vera Hetem Eindhoven, NL
Recycle energy landscape. The natural gas production landscape of Groningen Vincent Peters Groningen, NL
Refugee meets local. Enhancing a sense of beloning in public space by ubicomp techniques Xiaoya Ye Arnhem, NL
Van dijk naar dijklandschap. Het meekoppelen van gebiedsopgaven met dijkversterkingen Mariska van Reijn Noord-Holland, NL
Move On. Research-through-drawing for flood resilience at the Galceston coast Helena van Boxelaere Gaceston, Texas, USA
The narratives behind Heritage Trails. Investigation upon the practice and politics of formal heritage making and landscape narratives in the landscape of Sint Eustatius Carlo Leonardi St.Eustatius
Green-blue infrastructure as a tool to reduce flooding. A landscape-based design - and ecosytem approach for Beira, Mozambique Cor Simon Beira, Mozambique
Culture as base for landscape design. The case of an earthquake-safe community centre for the Nepali mountain village Ashapuri Michelle Leemkuil Ashapuri, Nepal
The Blue Heart. A seascape approach to synergetic intergration of climate actons in the North Sea Changsoon Choi North Sea, NL
The essence of the Grebbedijk. A phenomenological approach to designing delta-dikes Ruben Isarin Grebbedijk, NL
Physical modelling in Landscape Architecture. Exploring a design tool for the explorative phases in dynamic landscape design Jolanda de Jong \
Visualizing energy flows in urban microclimates Ties Blaauw \
Reconnecting with nature through milti-sensuous experiences in national parks. Desiging a multi-sensory nature expeireince trail in the national park Utrechse Heuvelrug Veronika Kunclova Utrecht, NL
Embankments 2.0 as part of the transition to a robust watersystem. Perspective for the Frisian Peat Area Anna-Jet Leijenaar Friesland, NL
Theses 2015
Title Name student(s) Location
The phenomenology of Dutch Nature Ludo Dings 4 locations, NL
Urban energy metabolism. With a case study on Amsterdam. Changsoon Choi and Tom van Heeswijk Amsterdam, NL
The minefield of a dissonant site. Exploring design strategies in the context of dissonant heritage. Sanne van der Mijl IJmuiden, NL
Design guidelines for thermally comfortable and attractive streetscapes in harbour areas based on people's perception of street greenery. Christy Tang Rotterdam, NL
Climate-responsive urban edges. Designing thermally comfortable locations for urban growth at the peri-urban zone from the city of Utrecht. Rick Lensink Utrecht, NL
Dealing with rewilding in Spain. Tamara Rijntjes Arribes del Duero, Spain
Designing the Shangbu Watershed. An Exemplary Landscape Design for Stormwater Management in Hangzhou, China. Gao Shen Hangzhou, China
Double Dutch. An exploration of the 'Dutch Approach' in Rebuild by Design. Floortje van Gils New York, USA
Naturally more Malmberget. Gilles van der Heijden and Jules Neefjes Malmberget, Sweden
A People's Water Landscape. A community based regional landscape design approach for a changing water system. Frank-Jurien Dam IJssel lake, NL
Resilience of a water system in a changing climate. Hanne de Witte Zwolle, NL
Where is the Exit? Designing an urban escape route in Rotterdam. Anne Kleine Staarman Rotterdam, NL
Theses 2014
Title Name student(s) Location
Adaptive reuse for monastic complexes in the rural environment of Zuid-Limburg. An exploration of different design options. Moniek Widdershoven South-Limburg, NL
Bike KinAesthetics. A landscape approach to a new bike highway between Ede and Arhnhem. Francis Schaefers Ede-Arnhem, NL
Bridging Utrecht. Infrastructure as strategy. Marie Baartmans and Marijn Struik Utrecht, NL
City shrinkage. Renewing the casco approach for shrinking cities in the Netherlands. Inge Hoekstra and Joelle Mulkens Delfzijl, Den Helder, Heerlen, NL
Confluent ecologies. In the Hackensack Meadowlands. Gerard Cadger New Jersey Meadowlands, USA
DeltaLab. Designing delta ecosystems: the Ebro Delta. Davide Caspani Catalunia, Spain
On designing experienceable stories. In the unknown landscapes of the first World War. Jaap Dirk Tump Western Front, France
Designing with landscape identity. A landscape identity based approach to landscape analysis and design for the Scheller and Oldeneler Buitenwaarden. Romy Zwiers Schelle-Oldeneel, NL
Developing sustainable energy landscape Lingezegen. Lars Beurskens park Lingezegen, NL
A development strategy for Park21. Learning from the international context of Metropolitan Parks. Andrea Hulsebosch Haarlemmermeer, NL
Dry Waterscapes. Landscape based green infrastructure in Tucson, Arizona. Roel Winder Arizona, USA
Energiedijk. Duurzame waterkering in Noord-Groningen. Melanie Koning Groningen, NL
Farming the sun. Design strategies for solar parks in Noord-Brabant. Fan Yang Brabant, NL
A future for the past. A new destination for Fort Honswijk. Eline van Bemmel Fort Honswijk, NL
Gotong Royong. Working Together. Transformative landscape based design with kampung communities in West-Java. Thomas van den Berg and Hanshu Liu Java, Indonesia
Growing delight. The aesthetic dimension of urban gardening in Amsterdam. Fruzsina Gyertyan Amsterdam, NL
Growing up in cities. Researching the playability of a dense prosperous neighbourhood. Sabine van den Berg The Hague, NL
Landscape architects at the beginning of a participatory process. making use of landscape architect's design skills to start a discussion. Liset Faber Arnhem, NL
Murmur of limits: Evoking the sensuous encounter between ecological phenomena and humans. Naiara Valcarlos Zeeland, NL
Oil sands. A landscape based design approach towards a more sustainable landscape system. Anne Nijland and Floortje Goossens Alberta, Canada
Performing urban landscapes. For creating physically and mentally sustainable cities. Dianne van de Berkt and Vivien Francis Limassol, Cyprus
The phenomenology of publicess. Designing an accessible and inclusive Binnengasthuis area. Tesse Bijlsma Utrecht, NL
Rightful landscape. A response to an unexpectedly long stay in the Zaatari camp. Robert Kruijt Zaatari, Jordan
Shifting the sands. A playful landscape design at the Kop van Schouwen. Elisabeth Floris and Hester Annema Zeeland, NL
Sublime flooding of the Maniny Brownfield. Zuzana Jančovičová Prague, Czech Republic
A sytems approach to the relation between landscape and animal husbandry. Anne van Schaijk Den Bosch-Oss-Veghel, NL
Urban and ecological ambitions unified in a waterproof environment. A landscape based design approach for pilot area Veenendaal-Oost Hannah de Winter Veenendaal, NL
The use of narrative in the design of sustainable energy landscapes, a case study. Karmijn van den Berg Wageningen, NL
Waddendijkland voor Fryslan. Verkenning van principes voor duurzame recreatie en toerisme in een landschapsontwerp voor de Friese waddenkust. Lucia van der Lee Friesland, NL
Works of the sublime. Sublime design of the everyday work landscape in the Hamerstraatgebied. Abel Coenen and Sascha Geneset Amsterdam, NL
Theses 2013
Title Name student(s) Location
Borderland. An imagineering based approach to a cross border landscape design for Euregion Meuse-Rhine. Maarten Kool Three countries Park, NL,Belgium,Germany
Community supported landscape regeneration. Flore Bijker and Lian Kasper Vechtplassen, NL
Cyclone resilient landscape. The case of Vatomandry, Madagascar. Esther Bergstra and Roxanne Hornma Vatomandry, Madagaskar
Design changing time. Exploring design language for embodied time experience on Wageningen UR campus. Iulia Dobrovie Wageningen, NL
Design language. A design experiment in the industrial area of Coevorden. Jssie Wolters and Loes van Schie Coevorden, NL
Doorstep landscape. Towards an inclusion of the space-pump in the design of a metropolitan food cluster in Venray. Renze van Och Venray, NL
Dynamic landscape sensations. Exploring a design method for interactive landscape experiences and one prototype design for island Tiengemeten. Roel Theunissen Tiengemeten, NL
The Ems full hybrid. A landscape design for a troubled estuary. Jonas Papenborg and Remco van der Togt Ems, NL
Energy and landscape experience. A research and design project on sustanable energy landscape experiences with Zwijndrecht municipality as test case. Stijn Tijhuis Zwijdrecht, NL
Flowing Zoo. The transformation of an old zoo to a new ecologically friendly urban neighborhoud. Arnout Bol Emmen, NL
Green elements in street canyons. Research by design for heat mitigation and thermal comfort in urban areas. Irina Hotkevica Rotterdam, NL
INST.E.P. Infrastructure Energy Pulse Roxana Florescu and Lucia Pro Kerkrade-Heerlen, NL
Liveable city. Embodied experience research and design on Almere City Centre. Ioana Nica Almere, NL
Living landscape restoration. The common vision for the Hartland in the Baviaanskloof. Jordy Stokhof de Jong Baviaanskloof, South Africa
Post-war landscapes in Beirut city. A close insight into the Beirut Greenline. Karel Matar Beirut, Libanon
The regional-local nexus. A landscape-based integral design Strategy for sustainable tourism development in coastal landscapes. Jesper Borsje and Ruud Tak Dubrovnik Riviera, Croatia
Re-linking the rural landscape with the urban fabric. Jac Duijf several areas, NL
Steering protective growth. Protecting water in an unplanned and rapidly growing city. Dirk Harden and Jeroen Castricum Arnavutkoy, Istanbul, Turky
Unchain the water way. A sytemic approach towards a flexible water system in Yilan Plain. Jhan Ye Wang Yilan Plain, Taiwan
A systematic analysis of urban green types in three Dutch cities. (minor) Merel Enserink Arnhem, Rotterdam, Utrecht, NL
Water based. A landscape approach to the Basque flood problem. Hessel Rasch and Teun Schuwer Basque Country, Spain
Waterworks. Testing and designing for the Nature and Urban Stormwater Synergy (NUSS) in Tampa, Florida. Lisa Verbon Florida, USA
Theses 2012
Title Name student(s) Location
Adaptive landscape. Towards a climate robust future for the 'Blauwe Bron'. Mikel Minkman and Jentse Hoekstra Veluwe, the Netherlands
Designing an attractive biomass producing city of Wageningen. Minmin Gao the Netherlands
Connecting left over rural landscape tot the Metropolitan network Ward Maaswinkel Parkstad to Aachen, NL and Germany
CPUL in Urban business district. A research design for the renewal project of Amstel-III, Amsterdam. Jie Cong Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Create eco-friendly and attractive rural landscape. Han Shuangyu Binnenveld, the Netherlands
Designed regional landscapes. Towards an aesthetical evaluation as precondition for redesigning the Noordoostpolder. Lisanne Struckman the Netherlands
Designing landscapes with high-voltage substations. Dirk Oudes Breukelen and Tilburg, NL
Dream with the poetic blue. The poetic aesthetics of contemporary Chinese landscape with experiencing water. Yinyin Liu Chongming, Shanghai, China
The Emsfull hybrid. A landscape design for a troubled estuary. Jonas Papenborg and Remco van der Togt Ems estuary, the Netherlands
Experiencing climate proof dikes. An exploratory study of the experiences of dikes within climate adaptation designs in the river landscape. Anne-Margreet Niemeijer Opheusden-Rijswijk, NL
A GIS based framework for historic landscape design analysis as a support for future interventions. Luc Joosten Castle Rosendael, Velp, NL
Greening building blocks to mitigate heat. Yuqiao Liu and Yi Shan Roterdam, the Netherlands
Hidden power - Veenkolonien 3.0. Grafted on the past, focused on the future. Tim Snippert the Netherlands
Landfill. Restoration and redevelopment by Landscape design. Hao Liu Barneveld, NL
The park as instrument for an ecological democracy. Sjoerd Brandsma Park Immerloo, Arnhem, NL
PermaCity. Developing an Ecological Urban Open-Space Paradigm. Fiona Morris Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK
The possibilities of Urban Agriculture in Tuinen van West. Judith Bouwman Amsterdam, NL
Pulse. A strategic landscape design for Yili Region, Taihu Basin. Huina Wang Yili Region, China
Revelation of the blue energy landscape. The implementation of a blue energy plant as landcape machine at the Volkerakdam. Karlijn Looman and Koen Verhoeven Zeeland, NL
Revitalizing post-earthquake city. A landscape architectonic approach to anti-seismic landscape and sustainable development on Gong Liu. Zhou Chunhui Gong Liu, China
Revitalizing Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. A landscape design experiment for the shrinking and climate sensitive region of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Gerjanne Brink and Rene van Seumeren Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, NL
Sacredness in daily environments. A contribution to the exploration of the theme of sacredness in landscape architecture via geometry and resident participation. Elise Quaedvlieg Rotterdam, NL
To sense the river. An urban floodplain design strategy to experience the Oder in Wroclaw. Emilia Zemlak Wroclaw, Poland
Sowing the harvest. A strategy linking land use activities of local communities to regional actors in the Maranhao Babassu Forest. Toon Roosen and Geert-Willem Arentsen Maranhao Babassu, Brazil
A sustainable landscape for Arnhem. The contribution energy transition has to CO2 neutrality. Taicia Marques and Jaime Gomez de la Fuente Arnhem, NL
Urban Acupuncture in Rotterdam. As an approach towards urban identity. Sjoerd Radstaak Rotterdam, NL
Urban Green-Waterscape on street level. Landscape approach towards soil-based stormwater management in Dutch Cities. Ya-Ping Chang and Yinan Ji Rotterdam and Nijmegen, NL
Urban shrink. Causes, effect, and main strategies. (minor) Ellen Zwartkruis and Tim Snippert several loction and countries
Urban stormwater landscape. Improvement and integration. Xin Hua and Ziyi Liu
Wageningen Waterscape. Urban water system adaptation to climate change. Yi Zhou Wageningen, NL
An agropark as landscape machine. In search for symbiosis. Ellen Zwartkruis Aguascalientes, Mexico
Bring nature back to city. Introduce the Twekkelerbeek in Enschede. Hu Xiaolu and Chen Yinyi Enschede, NL
Study-related stress and Campus design. Adolescents' perception on nature, restoration from study related stress and Campus landscape design. Sri Shindi Indira (article)
Theses 2011
Bringing the ecosystems services concept to landscape architecture Marjo van Lierop (minor)
Coloring 'experiences' along the motorway. Optimizing colors at the A2 motorway. Iliana Gkini Netherlands
The energy neutral district. Designing the conversion of Angelslo to an energy neutral district. Erik Smits Netherlands, Emmen
New meaning of 'Jingshi' concept in Chinese old towns. Hu Yanmin China, Shanxi Province
Landscape planning and design for a shrinking region. Koen van Nieuwenhoven, Ralph Tangelder, Tom Verbruggen Netherlands, South Limburg
Landschapsplan Nederland. Onderzoek naar de ontworpen terreinen van Staatsbosbeheer. Jonas Papenborg, Remco van der Togt Netherlands
Plug-INs: a transformative approach. Facing informal settlement challenges in a European context. Malu Cayetano Molina Spain, Madrid
Public spaces as behavioural settings. A plaza design for the Spuiplein, the Hague. Sjoerd van Telgen Netherlands, the Hague
Railway panoramas. Sander van den Helm Netherlands
Rainwater harvesting in metropolitan area. Qian Jieyan Netherlands, Rotterdam
Resilient islands. A landscape architectonic approach to sustainable development and climate adaptation on atoll islands. Pim Kupers Maldives, Addu Atoll
Roles revealed. The position of landscape architects in participatory processes. Iris Zwartkruis Netherlands, Zutphen
Seasonal landscape. Jiang Wen Netherlands, Utrecht
Op de smalle grens van stad naar land. Gijs Breeman Netherlands, Bunschoten-Spakenburg
A landscape approach to sustainable coastal tourism. Luuk van den Berg, Dion Koens Croatia, Murter Island
Vibrant land. Responsive engagement with the fragmented coastline of North Carolina. Inge Kersten, Jorrit Noordhuizen U.S.A., North Carolina