MSc Thesis in general

As the last part of their studies, landscape architecture students work on their MSc thesis. In the thesis, they combine research with design for a particular location.

It is proof of their ability to work independently on a subject and to produce a report that combines theoretical input with a design component. A tutor from the university helps the students in their MSc thesis project, not so much in the role as teacher but like a critical sounding board.

Most of the theses subjects are related to the research that is going on at the chair group of landscape architecture, but independent subjects are possible. The thesis is the last preparation for work in practice and typically takes six months.

Tips for inspiration

If you are going to start a thesis but you don't have a precise plan yet, take a look at the theses topics. Or take a look at the CV's of the teachers, and on the subjects under research and in recent publications.

On Wageningen Yield > Student Theses all student reports are to be found. You can search on name, chair group, Master or Bachelor, topics, etc.

You also can glance through Landscape Magazines (available in the library) or visit some sites of Landscape Architecture organizations and offices (overview on

On the DSL site (Dutch School of Landscape) you can get inspired by project and research. Also on you can get inspiration from existing projects (from Dutch offices), you can browse through 'Projects', or select 'Themes'. On you can do the same for projects in Germany, also organised by 'Office', 'Projects' and 'Themes'.