MSc Internship Land Use Planning

The aim is that you experience the institutional, entrepreneurial, and labour reality of a possible first academic working environment of a graduate from your study programme.

It is the opportunity to work outside Wageningen University at a host organisation, e.g. a company, public institution, consultancy firm, research organisation, another university or nongovernmental organisation, thereby broadening your academic horizon. The host organisation/work should be of sufficiently high academic standard to reflect the desired level of Wageningen graduates. The internship can involve various activities, for example, contributing to a policy document, evaluation report, landscape design or performing a research project.

How to find an internship?

There are two ways to find an internship. You can ask the internship coordinator of the chair group Land Use Planning whether he can provide you with some internship possibilities. Another possibility is that you find an internship project or opportunity yourself and ask for approval by the internship coordinator of the chair group Land Use Planning. In both cases, a part of the learning process is that you organize all arrangements with the host organisation yourself (see the checklist for organizing an internship).

Checklist for organizing an internship

  • Organize a kick-off meeting with the WU internship coordinator
  • Find (options) for an interesting internship at a host organisation
  • Fill in the Wageningen University Internship Contract and Learning Agreement in collaboration with the Wageningen University coordinator and the internship supervisor on behalf of the host institution
  • Hand in the Wageningen University Internship Contract and Learning Agreement at the WU coordinator for approval
  • If applicable, fill in the internship contract of the host institution
  • Organize a mid-term evaluation
  • Send in your internship report
  • Organize an oral presentation and evaluation

Kick-off meeting

If you are ready to start with your internship, please contact the WU internship coordinator for a kick-off meeting. The kick-off meeting enables a first contact between the student and WU internship coordinator. The meeting should be scheduled before the internship begins. The students is asked to clarify what he or she wants to achieve by conducting an internship, e.g. formulate (draft) learning outcomes. The student is encouraged to bring his or her own suggestions regarding internship possibilities and corresponding activities to the meeting. The coordinator will advise on the proposed internship and on the learning outcomes.