MSc thesis Land Use Planning

The key challenge of the MSc thesis is to set up and carry out a scientific research project individually and in an (almost) fully self-responsible manner. The research of the Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning group offers challenging possibilities for MSc thesis research Land Use Planning. Within the context of our research program you are invited to develop your own thesis proposal in consultation with a thesis supervisor.

Finding a topic
There are several ways to find a potential topic for your MSc thesis. First of all, the topics addressed in Land Use Planning courses in the first year of the master program may have roused your interest. Reading recently published scientific papers on such topics may give you further information about the scientific debate and research on these topics. The research page of our group and the individual pages of staff members give further information about our research interests and the type of scientific publications we work on. Please note that the first supervisor of a MSc thesis Land Use Planning needs to be a staff member of our group and involved in Land Use Planning research. An overview of these staff members and the types of MSc thesis topics they supervise was shown in the PowerPoint presentation at the thesis information meeting in February (see the links to more information below). Since new supervisors may become available during the academic year it is always recommended to discuss your first ideas with the MSc thesis contact person. Finally, examples of the best MSc thesis reports of last academic year (at the right hand side of this page) may also give you inspiration. When searching for a topic it is important to keep in mind that the topic should always fit within the research program of our group and match with the research interests and capacity of a supervisor. Your supervisor will always have to agree with the selected topic.

Thesis Guideline
The MSc Thesis Guideline Land Use Planning is the main reference for the MSc thesis Land Use Planning. The guideline describes the procedure for preparing and executing a MSc thesis Land Use Planning. The main steps in the preparation process, administrative issues and the assessment and grading procedure are explained. The annex of the guideline provides a checklist of actions and responsibilities, an explanation about plagiarism, the thesis agreement and the thesis evaluation sheet with assessment rubric. The MSc thesis guideline can be downloaded below.

More Information