The course 'Planning, design and management: transitions in public space' starts today!

Published on
March 15, 2021

The course Planning, Design and Management: Public Space and Transitions started today with 13 Master students and 15 management professionals. This is unique because Wageningen University is the first university to offer a series of Master courses on management and maintenance of public space, and because students and professionals take the course together. The course focuses on an integrated approach of planning, design and management. This course combines online lectures with learning in practice. This takes place in a ‘Living lab’ and in an assignment ‘Staningd in the shoes of’, in which the professionals provide the students with a case study from their daily practice. This way, students learn directly from practice, and practice learns from science.

Link between management and science

The course is about connecting the management world with the academic world. They can learn a lot from each other. Society is becoming more complex and managers of public space are confronted with major societal issues. Developments such as the energy transition, new forms of mobility, climate adaptation and digitization have an impact on management. Thorough societal developments are playing an important role as well. This not only requires an operational perspective, but a new strategic perspective on managing public space as well. An integrated approach of management, conducting research and providing education is needed.

Foundation Managing Public Space and WUR

Together with the Foundation Managing Public Space, WUR is working on an academic approach, aimed at increasing knowledge and training a new generation of ambitious public space managers. This ambition takes shape in education for students and professionals in the field of Managing Public Space. The course Planning, Design and Management: Public Space and Transitions is the first of three Master courses at WUR; maybe a prelude to a full specialization in one of the educational programs.

Link to official webpage and announcement.