Agenda of the Meteorology and Air Quality Group

2 December 2019, 16.00 - 17.00 uur Gaia 1


MAQ Colloquium announcement


Speaker: Sophie van der Horst (MSc thesis)

Title: Fluxes of latent
heat, sensible heat, carbon dioxide and methane in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Abstract: Cities have a large
impact on boundary layer climates due to complex surface structures,
pollutants, and anthropogenic heat.  Nevertheless, little long-term flux
measurement campaigns are available in dense city centres.  In this study, I analyse one year of measurements of radiation and the fluxes of, sensible heat, latent heat, carbon dioxide, and methane from a flux site in the city centre of Amsterdam.  For these fluxes, I analyse the temporal variation and the variation with wind direction.  The first part of the study
focuses on the components of the energy balance, in which anthropogenic heat and storage heat are estimated with energy consumption data and the objective hysteresis model.  This analysis shows that, during the winter, the sensible and latent heat flux exceed the net radiation.  Thus, the storage and anthropogenic heat flux are significant energy providers. To achieve annual energy closure, the sensible heat and latent heat flux need an increase of 11%.  The second part of this study focuses on the comparison between the measured carbon dioxide flux and the estimated carbon dioxide flux through emission data.  I found that the measured carbon dioxide flux is 13 higher than the estimation.  For some wind directions, the estimation fits better than for others.  In addition, I show that the annual methane emission is only 7% higher than found in Florence.  Yet the methane source partitioning in Amsterdam remains unclear and requires more research.

Supervisor: Gert-Jan Steeneveld