A herd of Chital (Axis axis) in Bardiya National Park, Nepal

Resource Ecology Group

The Resource Ecology Group performs research and education in community ecology of large herbivores, with particular emphasis on the interactions between herbivores and the vegetation. This is carried out at aggregation levels ranging from plant part to ecosystem, in both temperate and tropical regions.

Our Research

Rangeland Ecology
Rangelands cover a broad diversity of ecosystems worldwide and provide key ecosystem services at regional and global scales. Their economic and ecological importance are enormous as providers of major tourist revenues, economic services and space for free-ranging livestock or wildlife.

Disease Ecology
Traditionally, ecologists studied only “healthy animals and plants” while doctors and veterinarians studied the effects of microorganisms and pathogens on animals and people.

Enhanced Tracking of Animal Movement and Behaviour

Global Experiment on Savanna Tree seedlings

Faecal Analysis
Website for epidermis patterns

Investigating and predicting the possible collapse of waterbird migration networks in Asia

i3B ICT for Brain, Body and Behavior
Partner of REG for e-Tracking programs