Modelling Late Cenozic Landscape Evolution of the Guadalhorce Basin, Alora, Malaga, Spain

By Dr. J.M. Schoorl

Of the past 20 years Wageningen University and our group have been teaching (Student field practicals) and investigating in this area, resulting in several PhD theses, numerous MSc theses and a large amount of field data on soils and geology of the area. Furthermore, a considerable amount of landscape system modelling experience has been gained over the past years.

A major problem is lack of suitable data sets which allow calibration and validation of such models at the appropriate temporal and spatial resolution and extent. Nevertheless, the Guadalhorce area has the potential to provide more and more of the necessary data.

We will continu with fieldwork and modelling including radiometric dates. Research Results (long term) are fore seen in scientific papers and project proposals to start new PhD projects.


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