Soil carbon assessments for mitigating climate change

By dr. ir. VL (Titia) Mulder

At our group we have various ongoing research projects (e.g. GlobalSoilMap, Global Soil Partnership, FAO GSOC, S-World) on soil carbon mapping and carbon sequestration for mitigating climate change, at the national to global scale. The main aim is to convey relevant messages and provide quantitative evidence on current carbon stocks and best management practices to increase carbon sequestration. At our group, we use 1) soil-landscape relationships in combination with spatial and temporal modelling and 2) soil carbon models to enhance our understanding of soil carbon dynamics, to quantify stocks and to predict changes in the future. Research results are foreseen in scientific papers, project proposals to start new PhD projects and tools to support policy makers. This capacity development is done within the framework of various research initiatives, including the ‘4 per mille Initiative: Soils for Food Security and Climate’.


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