Wetland cultural heritage according to Roy van Beek

Published on
November 6, 2020

Dr. van Beek is the first archaeologist employed by Wageningen University to conduct interdisciplinary research on the cultural heritage of wetlands in the framework of the Home Turf and Wetfutures projects.

Once upon a time, more than half of the Dutch landacape consisted of bogs and other wetlland. These landscapes, many of which have been reclaimed over the last centuries, yield an incredible richness of material and immaterial cultural remains. As such, they form an intrinsic part of The Netherlands' national identity. Many of these cultural remains are under the threat of a variety of environmental and social processes. Assistant Professor Roy van Beek of the Cultural Geography and the Soil Geography & Landscape groups tells Geobrief in an interview how we should go forward from here. The article in Dutch can be read on page 4 of this issue of Geobrief.