Efficient water management in Iraq by switching to climate smart agriculture: capacity building and knowledge development

The project aims to respond to Iraq needs for improving capacities and enhancing skills in fields of efficient water management (EWM) and climate smart agriculture (CSA) as specified in the Nuffic country plan of implementation (CPI). Therefore, this project will support the 6 Iraqi universities by improving their staffs and institutions capacities to match and deliver, the needed knowledge and skills to tackle the local and global sustainable goals (SDG). Therefore, the project will result in improved capacities, the new graduated, that meet the needs of the labour market, and the institutions will be more inclusive for minorities and women.

Project Outputs

1. Improved pedagogy (interactive teaching methods)

2. Enhanced research process in the Iraqi universities (collaborative research projects)

3. Academics and professionals capable of designing and implementing EWM & CSA training courses for local employees and farmers in Iraq

4. Knowledge transfer facilities (KTF) for training at each University

5. Improved organisational policies and/or strategies to improve partnerships, managerial capacity and gender diversity, etc.