Irrigation and Water Engineering

Education of the Water Resources Management Group

Staff of the Water Resources Management (WRM) Group teaches both BSc and MSc courses. BSc courses, some taught in Dutch, are part of the study program International Land- and Water Management (BIL course site). MSc courses, all taught in English, are part of the program on International Land and Water Management. Courses are particularly relevant for students specializing in Irrigation and Water Management and in Integrated Water Management (MIL course site) Like in our research, the WRM-group distinguishes 3 major fields of interest in its teaching:

1. Irrigation Technology and Agro-Ecology (Sustainability)
2. Irrigation Policy and Politics (Democracy)
3. Water Rights, Irrigation and Livelihoods (Equity)

At MSc-level, students can choose one of these interest fields and prepare themselves, through the selection of specific courses, for (field-)research for their theses. See MSc thesis for examples of thesis researches over the last years.

BSc and MSc thesis opportunities are available within networks, projects, and researches of the group. It is also possible to find your own thesis topic after consultation with an WRM supervisor. The WRM group has a number of Thesis Opportunities available. Abstracts of recent MSc thesis are available on the website as well as guidelines for completing the BSc programme (BIL) programme.

Further information on the WRM courses and specializations can be given by the study advisor:

Bert Bruins