National Research Collaboration of the Water Systems and Global Change Group

The WSG CALM group, through many of its current members, has been well imbedded in National research networks, programmes and projects.

In 2004, a consortium of Dutch top universities, research institutes and public and private groups started national research programme on “Climate changes Spatial Planning" ( Funded under the Netherlands “Knowledge Infrastructure Impulse” (ICES KIS3, later BSIK), 40 million Euro was granted to research consortium led by Wageningen UR (ESS CALM Group, Prof Kabat, Ir. Veraart, Dr. Hutjes and others), jointly with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, for a period until 2011. Additional 45 million Euro was committed to the programme by its partner institutes (including industrial and semi-commercial parties). The programme has been granted in a competitive way after series of international science reviews and evaluations organized by the Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW), and several reviews by leading state national socio-economic agencies. ESS CALM group has been central player in this national consortium of more than 40 partners, and is hosting Scientific Support Office and the Communication Office of the entire Programme in Wageningen. Prof. Kabat has been acting as Science Director of the Programme and is also Chair of the Programme Council. ESS CALM Group is strongly involved in a number of research projects under this programme. The progamme itself operates as a virtual Central of Excellence in the Netherlands, and it has established many European and other international science and policy links. It is at present the largest national research network in the field of climate science in the Netherlands, and it provides high visibility and effective and important spin-off to ESS CALM Chair Group and to the entire Wageningen UR.

ESS CALM Group is also a founding member and a member of the Steering Group of a national consortium on Science to Policy Assessments in Climate (WAB, only in Dutch), led by the Dutch National Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP) and supported at a level of 1 MEuro/ year by the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Spatial Planning (VROM).

ESS CALM Group has been a key science coordinating partner of the programme Dialogue on Water Climate, (, established and funded jointly by the Netherlands Water Partnership, ministries and international organizations such as UNESCO, UNEP and the World Water Council.

We are also well represented in the national network of universities and research institutions linked to the Global Change Committee of the Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW, Prof Kabat member of the KNAW Global Change Committee). Through this network, and often with additional support from the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO), we organized and contributed to several workshops and meetings in the period of 2001-2006, where the Dutch Academia discusses specific subjects of the global change and Earth System science research.

ESS CALM Group (Profs Kabat, Vellinga, Dr Ganzeveld and others) is strongly affiliated with a new initiative (2006) led by KNMI, in collaboration with ECMWF (European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecast) and several other European partners, aiming at a development of a new generation of a high resolution Earth Systems and Climate Model (so called EC EARTH initiative). The Dutch consortium of EC Earth includes the top Earth System Science University groups from Utrecht, Amsterdam, Wageningen. These groups will jointly develop and implement some of the EC Earth components, including land hydrological, vegetation and biogeochemical model, some of atmospheric chemistry model components, and models for vulnerability and feedbacks of the terrestrial components of the system. For our ESS CALM group, this activity represents an important activity and opportunity for coming 5 year period.

ESS CALM Group has also strategic research collaboration agreement with the National Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP) to further develop and enhance the IMAGE model. We are developing a new global water model for IMAGE, which is due to be fully operational by 2010.

In 2006, ESS CALM Group has entered a new generation of a strategic partnership with the Free University of Amsterdam and the Utrecht University, this in anticipation of governmental decision in 2007 about our application for funding for a new national programme “Knowledge for Climate” (KvK). Like in the programme Climate and Spatial Planning, we have again played a key role in setting up the national consortium and in putting together final application for extensive  review and governmental funding[1]. A final decision by the Dutch Cabinet about funding of this new programme is expected in June 2007.


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