Genome analysis of the marine bacterium Labrenzia sp. strain 011, a potential protective agent of mollusks

Moghaddam, Jamshid Amiri; Dávila-Céspedes, Antonio; Alanjary, Mohammad; Blom, Jochen; König, Gabriele M.; Schäberle, Till F.


The marine bacterium Labrenzia sp. strain 011 was isolated from the coastal sediment of Kronsgaard, Germany. The Labrenzia species are suggested to be protective agents of mollusks. Labrenzia sp. strain 011 produces specialized metabolites, which showed activity against a range of microorganisms, thereunder strong inhibitory effects against Pseudoroseovarius crassostreae DSM 16,950 (genus Roseovarius), the causative agent of oyster disease. The genome of Labrenzia sp. strain 011 was sequenced and assembled into 65 contigs, has a size of 5.1 Mbp, and a G+C content of 61.6%. A comparative genome analysis defined Labrenzia sp. strain 011 as a distinct new species within the genus Labrenzia, whereby 44% of the genome was contributed to the Labrenzia core genome. The genomic data provided here is expected to contribute to a deeper understanding of the mollusk-protective role of Labrenzia spp.