Bioinformatics Internships

On this page you can find a list of companies and research institutes that offer Bioinformatics Internships. If you are a student at Wageningen UR, please contact the internship coordinator when you would like to get more details and contact information.

Are you a student at Wageningen University and are you looking for an Internship in Bioinformatics? Here is a list of companies and research institutes that offer interesting internships. If you are interested in one of these projects or internship providers, contact the internship coordinator, Harm Nijveen, for further details. The listed projects and/or internship providers are meant for Wageningen students only (they are not projects offered within the Bioinformatics Group)!

Specific Projects

Dupont: Machine learning to accelerate empirical protein design

Enzymes form essential active ingredients for numerous industrial applications, including aiding the release of nutrients during animal feed production, and as degrading agents in machine dish and laundry products. Thanks to stability and activity optimization, these enzymes can drastically reduce material and energy waste. In this project, we would like to explore the use of machine learning approaches to accelerate the design of tomorrow's industrial enzymes. Want to get experience with applied machine learning using large amounts of unique, high-quality data? Get in touch!
Added to site: 07/2018

ErasmusMC: Twin epigenetics

The Department of Genetic Identification at Erasmus MC is looking for a motivated bioinformatics Master’s student to conduct a 4/5-month summer internship in the field of epigenomics. The central scientific question of the proposed research project is: "Can genome-wide DNA methylation analysis in blood reveal hypervariable sites with low heritability that can be used to discriminate identical twins?". This project includes the development of a data analysis pipeline based on data from Illumina Methylation Beadchip 450K microarray generated from a total of 660 monozygotic (MZ) twins, to comprehensively investigate their genome-wide methylomes. The outcomes of this project will be useful for the purpose of, among others, forensics, epigenetics, and twins research.
Added to site: 03/2018

NIOO: Comparative evaluation of computational tools for the analysis of gas chromatography–mass spectrometry-based metabolomics data

Gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (GC/MS) has long been the method of choice for identifying compounds in complex mixtures and compare their concentrations across and within samples. To achieve this goal, data processing must fulfill two criteria: (I) it must correctly determine the mass spectrum of the individual compounds for identification and; (II) it must accurately calculate the abundance of chromatographic peaks corresponding to those compounds in each sample. However, the evaluation of GC/MS data may be challenging due to the high complexity of data including overlapped, embedded, retention-time-shifted and low S/N ratio peaks. Many computational tools are available to aid in the analysis and interpretation of GC/MS data. This project aims to extensively evaluate and compare the four computational pipeline for GC/MS data analysis: Mass Profiler Professional (MPP), Workflow for Metabolomics (W4M), SECIM Tools and MetAlign. Location: Netherlands Institute of Ecology
Internship options
Company/Institute Keywords Location
KeyGene NGS applications; lead discsovery; breeding strategies; digital phenotyping Wageningen (NL)
Friesland Campina pathway analyses; ontologies; metagenomics; knowledge management Wageningen (NL)
ENPICOM agronomic trait selection; phylogenetic footprinting; transcription factor binding sites Amsterdam (NL)
Novozymes Denmark
Rijk Zwaan machine learning, digital phenotyping, plant breeding Fijnaart (NL)
SASC LUMC NGS, RNAseq, DNA, Chip-seq, Metagenomics, Reproducible pipeline, Cancer genomics, Bioinformatics software development Leiden (NL)
Dupont Industrial Biosciences machine learning, industrial enzymes Leiden (NL)